Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Prepper's Expo

     We  went to the prepper's/survivor"s Expo today.  I like to go to these events at convention centers on the last day, early in the morning.  The vendors have one last day (usually a few hours) to make their money before they move on and early on Sunday beats the church crowd.

     It was not unpleasant.  The venue was fair sized and there were wide aisles.  I dislike setups as narrow as a grocery store.  When the crowds do arrive, I like room to maneuver, to get out, if I have to.  The walls were set up with a tiny house or bug out trailer or garden set up at each corner.  The booths were spaced with no two vendors alike on the same aisle.  IT was well thought out and designed.
     A good many of the vendors were local to the area.  By local I mean no more than one or two states away with half from this state.  There were few foreign made products with the exception of very fine Swedish knives, Swiss time pieces, and some German firearms.  

     For the most part the items and/or services were quite useful.  From solar power to saltwater battery charging systems and water filtration to get out of Dodge bags and escape from building devices.  IT was enlightening, interesting and enjoyable.  

    I have one dislike and that was the number of times someone asked me if i had a concealed weapons permit or if I lived nearby.  If you want me to sign up for a new magazine geared toward women in the survival world, just say so.  Don't ask me about my weapons or address first.  If you want me to visit your local shop, don't ask me where I live.  Tell me when you are open or your store hours and ask if that is convenient to me.  

     But, this is true of every sales pitch I hear, not just at the expo.  I know it's a sales technique.  You want to appear to be my friend, to be interested in me....yeah, yeah, yeah.  Just tell me what you're selling, we are not going to get close.  We are not going to date, I am not telling you where I live or how I voted.  Good grief, sales people....I don't even tell the people who read my blog where I live or how I vote!  

     This was the ONLY draw back to the entire day.  The venue was clean, easily accessible, and affordable.  The vendors were not too pushy, or desperate and the products and services were varied and interesting. 

     I will be posting some of the vendors I met today in future posts after m ore online research.  I recommend nothing I haven't tried, a member of my family has not tried or we do not currently own one just like it.  

It was a nice day.  
And, so far no one has sent unsolicited email to the address I used to acquire the tickets....Thumbs up!

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