Friday, March 28, 2014

It's only a weapon if you hurt somebody!

     This was posted on my Facebook Timeline today.  I like Survival Preparedness, if for nothing else that it posts these pictures.  

     Ages ago, I was working with a woman who collected key chains.  She was going out after work one night to celebrate.  I told her be careful and she told me she didn't need to be careful just accurate!  She pulled this huge wad of keychains out of her handbag, there must have been 50 of them!  She said if anyone threatened her, she would just 'show' them her collection really fast in the face.  I thought, yeah, it could hurt but she'd have to dig it out of her bag and hope her assailant waited.  Later, I  asked my daughter-in -law (a police officer) about the use of the keychain collection as a self defense weapon and she said, if used in any exchange of blows the wad of keychains could be taken into evidence as any weapon, possibly never to be returned.

     So, nail gun or wad of keychains, it's only a weapon if you hurt somebody.  I personally prefer the close order rusty screwdriver, as an alternative to an actual weapon.  It would be easy to obtain.  I have a variety of screwdrivers once used to pry open a paint can that have been damaged to a deadly point!  It would be easy to access if I were attacked in my home or car and I wouldn't miss it if it were taken into evidence.  

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