Thursday, February 28, 2013

What $10 will buy

What $10 or less will buy:

Twenty pounds of long grain enriched rice (Save-a-Lot, GFS, and ALDI)
Five to eight pounds of brown rice (ALDI and GFS)
Eight lbs. of sugar (Save-a-Lot and ALDI)
One package of ten earplugs, A bottle of 250mg aspirin, A foot brace, 12 oz. Peroxide (Dollar General Store)
Ten items from any dollar store like Dollar Tree
2.5 gallons of gas
Two packs of cigarettes
12 Ball jars and lids (Big Lots)
Half a gallon of Citronella lamp oil (Dollar General, Family Dollar Store, Big Lots)
Two boxes of Miracle Grow, a plant & veggie fertilizer and a rose food to promote flowering (Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot)
Three vegetable plants (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart)
Three herb plants (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart)
Three 27 L E D portable flashlights on sale from Harbor Freight, not on sale, two
A four pack of rechargeable AA batteries (Radio Shack)
Four lbs of Maxwell House Coffee (Save-a-Lot)
Five boxes of 100 ct Tea (Save-a-Lot)
Ten lots of Kool-Aid or Flavor aid; flavor aid is sold 5 or 10 for a dollar and Kool-Aid is 3 to 5 for a dollar
Produce is a price fluctuating commodity that cannot be accurately listed here $10 of produce is $10
Twenty 49 cent cans of vegetables 
Twelve cans of 79 cent fruits or vegetables
Ten packs of dehydrated mashed potatoes ( Winn-Dixie on sale, Save-a-Lot)
Twenty packs of seeds (Dollar General) five - eight packs of seeds (Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s)
Eight to twelve pounds of beans (Save-a-Lot, Winn-Dixie, ALDI)
Ten spices including dehydrated onion or garlic flakes (Big Lots)
Ten pounds salt (Save-a-Lot)
Ten dollar Survival Kit (
Five Dehydrated Granola with Milk & Blueberries LRP (Long Range Patrol) (
Bucket White Five Gallon Food Grade Bucket (
Gun Storage Bag No Rust No Corrosion 12X52" ProTec (
Fishing Yo-Yo(
5 emergency sleeping blankets (Http://Www.Budkcatalog.Com)
Auto Reel "Yo Yo" (3 Pack) (

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conspiracy Theory

     To help to allay fears and to help some people get in touch with internet reality, I am posting this web address.  


     Snopes is a website dedicated to urban legend and rumors.  I have used it lately to help weed out some odd postings on my family and friendly page! There is no Walmart truck transporting a trailer full of "this town is under martial law" signs.  So far, so good.

     I had also recently received a posting of a missing child. Of course my heart was immediately beating faster as I looked carefully to see if I recognized the girl. The picture struck me as NOT the sort of picture a mother would post if her child was missing, it was too party with my girlfriends happy.  I read  the post.  It was the photo of a friend of the poster's daughter.  I clicked on the photo to go to the post to read the comments.  I noted a different turn of phrasing as if these were not southerners.  I clicked on a portion of the photo in the top corner where something had been cropped out and went to the original post to find the girl was missing for two days in September, in England.  She returned home on her own and no police were involved.  And yet....My dear friend was posting this photo over to her family and friends in Central Florida, Ohio and their friends.  I know she meant to help, but five months later this girl's photo is still circling the globe.
     I heard a rumor today about the government's preparation to inter US citizens who refuse to surrender weapons after a ban that has not been passed yet.  I don't see anything on snopes like that at this time and I don't dismiss the story.  

I would not be surprised if some paper pusher who had never worn a uniform had said we will need to lock these people up and there are a lot of them.  I would not be surprised if someone were to point at the internment of Japanese citizens as a precedent for locking up a lot of people.  We did lock up a lot of Americans, and their children.  It has been done.  I also believe it will not go as smoothly as it did in the last century.  
I can't imagine any mixed group of citizens not containing military trained, if not actual combat veteran's and first responders.  I can't imagine a group of people not containing spoiled teenagers accustomed to getting their way and used to questioning anyone who tries to tell them what time it is.  This is not an era of people who will pack their bags and show up at the bus stop.  Internment may be a possibility  but it won't be easy.  
     Much talk among the internet outlets both for and against gun control, confiscation and/or banning.  Pick a side and there is an internet forum for you.  But, before joining in and waving banners, check the facts.  Check quotes and check out rumors.  The last thing a prepared person needs is to get caught up in someone else's panic.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seasonal Sales and Shopping ahead online

     This week, i have learned a few things.  
Lowe's Home Improvement store offers several models of home composters.
Compost Wizard 0.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter
table top composter, under $60

     You can go to and shop online.  Before the prices show up you have to type in a zip code, prices  may vary regionally.  Once you tell Lowe's where you are, you can create a tracking database for all of your purchases.  One of my sons uses this feature in his painting business.  If he looses an invoice or a color number, he can track it. If you wish to opt out, you may.

RF-09 Mid Hiking Shoe

     The local Army/Navy store here in central Florida, Al's Army/Navy has their boots on sale half off in store.  They also have a website for those of you out of the area.  I like to do some shopping online and schedule a day top do all the pickups.  You can save considerable money on shipping if you pickup in store.  If Al is not an option for you, get to your search bar and type in army navy store and find your local supplier for military surplus and outdoor gear.
THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM SOLAR 68751 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit

15 Watt, 12 Volt Solar Panel     Harbor Freight is offering it's 45 watt solar panel on sale this month.  This kit includes everything you need but the marine battery for storing the electricity you gather from the sun.  The unit to the left is under $200. Here to the right, is a smaller unit for directly charging electronic devices for under $80.

      Before you click off today's blog, click over to Harbor Freight because they also have a dutch oven, a dehydrator, a set of jeweler's loupes, picks, magnifiers, tools..... just click it!

     As you are digging yourself out of the winter snow, this is the season for end-of-season sales.  Now is the time to buy for next fall/winter.  Stick to classic designs, muted colors and if fashion is a concern, accessorize.  Since Christmas is always coming, instead of waiting until December to scramble, if you are planning to buy sweaters or blankets as gifts, get them now and store them away at considerable savings.

Village Green Deluxe Walk-In Greenhouse     Big Lots is stocking for the summer. Head over to
for a browse through before going to the full price retail stores.  Some items at Walmart or Target are similarly priced, but before whipping out the plastic card, get an idea of the discount prices available.  As the spring warms up, you will also be able to find pie irons and skewers and other useful tools for cooking without electricity.  

     Florida has posted no (NO) tax free holidays.  Posted in the past, there were tax free days for hurricane supplies and back to school supplies.  As with most government chores, this one will be done in the last minute, if at all.  


Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Talk Underwear

     First and foremost, underwear goes UNDER clothes.  That's why it's called underwear.  Don't care about fashion or anyone's opinion but mine when it comes to this.  Underwear goes UNDER.
     With that said, I would like to mention that historically and I mean for centuries, underwear was seen above the waist.  It was worn mainly to keep the outerwear from getting dirty against the skin.  It was often worn for the entire season, the outer garment was taken off, brushed and worn again the next day.  Thanks to the cotton gin and the Industrial Revolution, underwear became abundant and part of our modern culture as more than skin cover.  

     Fashion and society had requirements of under garments and set rules for its use and purpose.  I have read several articles and a journal of the time on the matter.  It was suggested to have all the things needed to dress comfortably for some time before heading to the wedding.  Several dressing gowns and several chemise  and several bloomers.  Fortunately, we don't have to talk about corsets and bustles!  As we see in the Masterpiece Classics, every woman sat in gowns in white.  Apparently, it was considered selfish of a young lady to have many white under garments as white needed frequent laundering at a high cost.  I see sense in the writings of that time.
      Underwear lasts longer when rotated and darker colors do hide stains better than white.  For long term prepping, I also like to point out that cotton, cotton blends and wool last a good long time.  Stored with a sewing repair kit, I believe one of my sons could make a twelve pack of underwear last a decade.  Pack away more than a twelve pack!   Also pack several pairs of modern long johns.  They offer insulation in winter and wick away moisture from the body.  They are also underwear, seasonal underwear.  They may be pajamas but pack jammies for jammies!
     Choose style by comfort, not fashion.  With four sons the debate on jockey shorts, boxers and the long legged briefs rages on.  Go for comfort, guys, and durability.  Colors should be subdued.  White will virtually glow in the dark on a full moon!  Buy a mom's idea of a year's supply and store the sewing repair kit and several yards of waistband elastic available from Jo-Ann etc.  AND rotate!
     In the laundering of underwear, the fabric gets heavy from the water it absorbs.  Agitation cleans but it also stretches the elastic.  After the garment is dry, it can take three days for the elastic to relax back into it's springy form.  That's why when you wash your clothes and start wearing the clothes out of the laundry basket, the drawers droop.  You didn't let them relax and spring back into form. 
  Ladies underwear rules are the same as any gentleman.  Buy for comfort of style, subdued color, durable fabrics and pack more than you think you need.  Pack repair kits of hooks, strap replacements and elastic.  The ladies however have a choice of packing additional under garments.  The sport bra is a bra and it is a sport garment.  It is made of synthetics and will outlast all of us if kept clean, but the elastic relax rule applies here more than any where.  Bras of all types need two to three days after laundering to relax and regain their shape. 
     Victorian ladies would think us all in heaven with the spandex blends that do the job of their whale bone corsets without the binding and scraping they suffered.  I begrudge no woman her under garments, but the more you think you need, the more space they take and we hardly ever remain the size of our youth through or later years.  That is the nicest way I can think to say, get bigger sturdier drawers, ladies.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Batteries and Battery Testers

     Today, it's all about batteries, and a little about my mother issues!  I have already shared mother's pantry shelf shame.  The best buy date makes no impression on MY mom!  I have tossed out nine year old mint jelly with the lid rusted to the jar!  I did it while she fussed at me because the color was still good!  To me, that meant it was never fit to eat if the food dye was so strong that it didn't have a molecular half life in our lifetime!
     Last week, I had occasion to take mom to an appointment and she asked if I could help her get her hurricane box ready for this year.  We haven't had a strong one in a while and it has been a very light winter, mom expects to need her hurricane supplies this year.  I was both flattered and a little nervous.  I have not personally seen her Rubbermaid container of 'hurricane supplies' in three years.  Not to stress, folks! I have prepared one for her in case she needed it and have been ready to drop it off with a small generator if a storm headed our way.  but, this year, mom wants to update her supplies and get her own little readiness together.  

     I know for a fact that industry standards have changed since the last time Mom bought a battery.  Now the batteries have dates on them.  I am sure some of the batteries Mom has not only have no dates, but some will be oozing acid.  I just know it!  Fun times for me ahead!.  Now, that I think on it, I believe even plastic box technology has evolved!
     I will take a pair of gloves to protect myself from leaking batteries and I am tempted to just give her a box full of stuff and put hers in the Toxic Waste Trash our city offers form paints and aerosols and the like.  It's a YOU drop off deal.
     Normally, when my mom is not involved, I recommend having several types of battery testers on hand.  In spite of the freshness dates printed on batteries, it's good to know what actually strength your battery contains. 
     I have posted here some choices from Harbor Freight.  As a woman on the go, I am sure there are better testers for cars, but this one plugs in to a working cigarette lighter and tells me what I need to know before I run off to a mechanic.  These are all under $8.  Don't be a My Mom.  Test the batteries in your kit and store them well.

For a GREAT chart and information on storage go to
"The recommended storage temperature for most batteries is 15°C (59°F); the extreme allowable temperature is –40°C to 50°C (–40°C to 122°F) for most chemistries. While lead acid must always be kept at full charge during storage, nickel- and lithium-based chemistries should be stored at around a 40 percent state-of-charge (SoC). This level minimizes age-related capacity loss while keeping the battery in operating condition and allowing self-discharge"

     I will not be telling my mother that putting her flashlight batteries in the flashlight and storing them in an uninsulated plastic box, in Florida, in a laundry room where the dryer runs......might not be best situation for long term storage.  I will just fix the problem and blame her frugality on being raised in the Great Depression when nothing was thrown out.  I will just replace it and remember my grandmother, her mother, and her supply closet in the garage with 24  bottles of A-1 Steak sauce and think, she was such a great lady!  And what a fantastic tailor!  She always had glitter!  My mom always has peppermint hard candy!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Socks are not Underwear

     It is my opinion that socks are not underwear.  Socks are foot protection.  They are not equal to shoes but they are equally important.  In spite of the number of times I caught my four sons using a good pair of socks in lieu of shoes, socks are not shoes but they are footwear.  Without a good pair of socks in a new pair of shoes, you and your skin might as well be walking barefoot in the sand. 
     Again, I will not be recommending a particular brand.  I recommend you consider the information out there, the socks you need and the need for socks and just get plenty.  

     The best 'pro' for stocking up on socks, is the size fits you if you gain weight or loose weight.  One size does not fit all but the size that fits you will always fit you.

     As with shoes, there are many types and styles.  If you believe you will be trekking regularly, hiking socks that protect all the pressure points of the foot are a good option. 
      There are also different weights to consider.  There are winter socks and the socks you wear everyday.  I wear short synthetic knit socks that barely make it an ankle sock.  I can often get wet and these socks dry out quickly.  I would not wear these socks to a dog fight outside of work.  They do not breathe and I change out of them as quickly as I change out of the wet shoes.  

     Before I drive home, I change socks and shoes.  Keeping my feet healthy is important.  I have seen what a minor foot wound can turn into when ignored before the foot is amputated. I do not wallow in wet shoes and socks if I don't have to.  First aid and attention to blisters and cuts is imperative, but prevention is priceless.

     Also, my opinion,  most of the fun fashionable fuzzy socks and socks infused with Aloe Vera are just fluff.  They are for the evening, in home, in lieu of house shoes.  I have a large collection of socks given to me that I enjoy instead of the flip floppy house shoes.  I would not put the in a combat boot or hiker.   They too are made of man made synthetics and do not allow for breathing feet.  For me, for walks, hike, and covering ground, I like a pair of cotton or wool socks.  I have been in a pair of warm fuzzies when the phone rang, I slipped on shoes and about an hour later, wished I had a spare pair of shoes.  Me feet were hot and sweating.  

     To learn more about the fiber, construction, and how to wear a "manly" sock and what socks do for you try this website:

      Buy the best you can afford, and pack at least two pairs in your walking boots.  Pack spare pairs in the bug out bag using them as padding or packing cushions.  Stock more than you have used in the last year then get some more!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Prepare your Footwear

     I have given the contents of a Bug Out Bag some thought and suggestions for others.  It dawns on me that when I mentioned clothes to change into if you are at work needing to get home, or just clothes to travel in, I over looked foot wear.  In  the bag or attached to your Bug Out Bag, should be a good pair of good fitting shoes.
     You need to access first if you may end up walking some or all of the way.  What terrain will you need to cover?  Some of it may be city streets, some may be thick woodland.  What are you most comfortable in, high tops? ankle highs?  Are you able to run, hike, do you need mountaineering boots?

Without even considering material and insoles, what color?  Before buying a really cool looking pair of camouflage patterned boots, think.  Will these be instantly noticed by people on the street as out of place?   Did you pack a pair of pants or are you wearing these with a business suit or skirt?  I suggest any city walkers consider long and hard a pair of BLACK boots or shoes.  A black boot under a pair of pants is a pair of black shoes.  Black shoes are just shoes.  They do not tell a story.  They do not alert passersby to your weapons or cause them to look twice.  Plain black is the urban camouflage.  
     As for types and kinds of shoes and what you need for the terrain you cover, I like this site for good information:  They have a video and good advice as well as an outlet for shopping.  
This site is an informational write up on the subject. 
Here we have a quick read piece from USA Today.

      So, in the bug out bag or on the outer side of it, you should have a good pair of shoes that are better than what you have to wear to work daily.  These shoes should be slightly broken in by use.  They should have several pairs of socks packed inside of them.  Pick a pair or two for several seasons.  Two pairs of socks for the summer and two pairs of winter socks should hold you in good prep! 

     If you are going to do any weather treatment for the boots before placing them with the BOB, do.  NIKWAX offers a video on on how to weather proof your boots.  If your manufacturer recommends a brand of water sealant for your boots, buy that type and use it.  If you don't know what to use....all leather boots can use beeswax to seal.  

     I can not in good conscience recommend a particular brand name of boot to buy.  Price point is a point for me but not so much that I would trade wear or wear ability   This is a survival item that should be on the top of the list and deserves the best investment.  Buy the best you can afford then in time buy a second pair.  




Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barter in action

     With the looming Federal "sequester", we have all heard the gloom and doom warnings from the gloom and doom mongering news networks.  It may not happen over night, but gloom is in the forecast.  With forced federal employee furloughs ahead, everyone will be prioritizing bills that need paying over those that will wait.  We will not have fun money.
IRS deductions for charity clothes

     In lieu of cash we will begin to barter.  I will trade services for goods.  I can see the need coming and I am willing to let the client grapevine know now that I am available for short term barter jobs.  This has worked well for me in the past.  Without advertising in a paper, I picked up a few closet cleaning jobs.  One closet grossed me thirteen 32 gallon bags of clothes and three bags of shoes in a popular family size.  When they were sorted, I had three bags of stylish clothes with the price tags still on them.  I let the ladies in the family pick three items each, then turned the rest out to yard sales.  
     With the effort of Four hours closet cleaning labor and hanging the clothes up for two days on two weekends, I netted $339 and retained a left over bag of never worn new clothes I have continued to give the younger family as they grew into the size.  I donated 4 bags of clothes to a charity thrift store.  That was a deal.  Bartering time and service paid off.  The final math was $21.85 per labor hour and lots of goodwill.

Widener's Reloading 
     There are a number of other options to maximize  your barter dollars.  One of my sons got in to a conversation with a trusted dealer in small arms.  They talked about the high cost of ammo and his difficulty getting what his customers wanted.  He mentioned a particular caliber and my son knew he had an abundance.  When the conversation was over, my son walked away with the weapon he had originally saved to purchase without putting out any cash or dipping into his ammo bank.  he traded ammo he didn't need anymore but had plenty of.  Bullets are cash now.  Imagine when in a few short months, bullets will be silver and not long later, gold.

     Now is the time to speculate cautiously.  If you are in a position to invest in an item whose need will become greater than it is now, this is the time to purchase.  If you have not counted your supplies in a while, this is the time to know down to the last grain of rice, what you have and how much you paid for it as well as how valuable is it to you and how much will it take to persuade you to trade with it.  It is time to mentally speculate on what you have and who do you know.  Do you have a good relationship with the person who sold you your last weapon?  Do you have ammo of a caliber to trade for what you need?  Is this person willing to barter? 

     I do not have a stash of weapons or ammo to trade.  I am not in any way against weapons.  I just have no safe place to store any such item at this time.  I do not have unlimited liquid assets.  I have skills and a desire to do business.  I will be expending efforts and spending skills to acquire things and liquidating them into either cash gas or supplies.  
     I have been preaching the word of barter for some time before I started blogging and one family member once belonged to a barter association until the "fees" became oppressive and the services you could trade for came with caveats and upfront cash deposits.  If you are a first time barterer or are nervous about bartering your services, look into your area and see if you have a barter association you can deal with.  Dentists barter for painters to work for them in trade for an agreed number that can be traded like cash for dental services.  Hotels and small businesses trade handyman services for overnight stays or meals.  Do some online research and get prepared for times when a day off from work a week doesn't abate the need for home repairs.

National Association of Trade Exchanges | Join. Trade. Save.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where IS your Bug Out Bag?

     I was taking the buckets of cleaning supplies out of my car this morning and I realized I am VERY well camouflaged.  Anyone sticking their nose into my business would only see my cleaning business.  I put two laundry baskets side by side in back.  There is space on either side of the baskets and at the front and back of the trunk space.

There's a lot of space back there for a business and a lifestyle
     One of my baskets has cleaning supply back ups, extra sponges, dusters, brushes and gloves.  The other basket holds the auto emergency kit, a pocket fisherman kit, tools and the fluids cars need, like oil, transmission fluid, etc.  I have two buckets set up with what I need in a house in front of the baskets and I have a pile of drying cloths in the space over the tire.  The buckets keep them in place. Over the other tire I keep a first aid kit. 

     This system works for my work.  It also gives me a lot of hidden space in the trunk for other things.  There is a space behind the baskets filled with controlled chaos and the back of the back seats.  There in the dark rests the bug out bag.  In an emergency I can pack a basket of urgent need items in a basket in the house, go to the car and toss the housekeeping business!  If it were a dire emergency, I could pull a basket, grab the bag and go leaving the car behind. 

     I also have access to the bag from the inside of the car by twisting around, pressing a button, letting down the back seat and grab the bag and go.  It is important to me that I have access to the bag from inside the car.  I drive with my eyes open and there are some neighborhoods that whisper, stay in the car.  a site for vehicle organizers 
     I know there is space behind the seat of any pickup truck and space in every trunk, but I know some people who concern me a little.  I know one prepper has his house prepped and he's ready to bug in but I don't think he can put his hands a a BOB in his car or pickup.  You need more than a concealed weapon and the permit to carry it to get home if you find yourself walking.  Maybe we should start calling some bags Get Home Safe bags.  

      I have  a beautiful, funny, smart sister.  She will never get it together in an emergency.  Her desk is perfectly organized at work.  People depend on her organizational skills.  But, one time, she opened her trunk to give me something and I thought, yeah, we will need to provide for her.  That trunk was a coffin for work files, several document boxes for her not for profit organization and some left overs from a beach trip.  She noticed my eyes were lingering and she said What?  I just asked, soooo where is your auto emergency kit?  It was in her garage.  Garage!  So, this is how I know she has no BOB, no plan and she will need more than a little help.  She may be the last person in the family to get on board and prepare for an emergency.    Still, I believe we will keep her.  She has military training and she can take orders.

When I ask you where your bug out bag is, I don't really want you to tell me, I am not your mom.  I want you to think.  Are you preparing for emergencies?  Where is your stuff?  Can you get your hands on it? Can it be seen by strangers?  Are you ready?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yard Sale Season begins in Florida

     Yard sale season has begun in Florida.  Maybe in some other warm states as well, don't know.  I just know it is hunting season for me.  Bargain hunting season begins for me and lasts until November.  

     Before we go off hunting there are some thoughts I would like to share.


      Yard sales are any impromptu sale of new or used goods privately owned offered for sale in a home, yard, garage, backyard, porch, barn or churchyard.  You are in someone's personal space.
      A friendly, “Good Morning!” will get you a long way!  Always greet the person who looks like they got up way too early to drag their stuff out in the yard and have dealt with the rude people that just left.  Compliment them on their signage or tell them the county guy took all their signs if it was hard to find.  Tell them you found their sale on Craig’s List or  The homeowner likes to know they did well.      
Caroline, on the ride home.
Do not pet other peoples' dogs!
     Never pet the family dog.  If there is a dog or cat in the yard, ask if it is friendly.  Be respectful of the homeowner’s misguided adoration of their pet.  If you are uncomfortable, either ask if the owner will move the animal, or leave politely.  Feign an allergy if you want to look at an item or browse the sale.  They will move their pet away from you.  If you feel threatened, do not scream or scold the homeowner.  Just turn and leave at an easy pace.  If they call out to you, tell them you are afraid of big dogs and nothing else.  Just smile and wave.  

     Treat their kids like the family dog.  Do not pet them; do not engage them in conversation, smile and move on.  Do not barter with the kid for toys or any item without asking the parent if they have the right to sell. 

     When you ask for a price and don’t like it just say something like: oh, that’s more than I can spend today, sorry, or hmm I just paid my mortgage and sigh quietly, I wish....  The price will either come down or the owner will defend the number.  If they defend, walk on.  There is no good to come from an argument.  

      About half the time the owner will tell you what they paid for it new first.  Don’t roll your eyes or laugh.  Don’t say it isn't new anymore or point out the dust on it.  If you just have to say something when you don’t like anything you have seen, you could say, “We collect the same stuff!”  Or “Sorry, I tried to find something I don’t already have!” 

     Ask if they will consider a lower number, only if you are going to purchase it at a lower number.  Don’t barter or dicker for fun.  This is not a sport. 

     I have been to yard sales and found boutiques that have been run out of business by the economy or the high overhead and are liquidating inventory to get some of their investment back.  I don’t stay long at these shops in the driveway.  This is not usually a prepper's sale. 
     I went to a yard sale once where the people were sure they were going to get rich selling monogrammed key chains in countless styles as they traveled across the country from fair to fair.  Apparently, they didn’t read the fine print and registered for an art fair only to be turned away as they neither designed nor made their wares.  You will be surprised the amount of information laid on you by strangers while you sort through their goods.  Listen to them for a while, you may learn something that can help you get a deal.

     Be prepared to laugh.  If the owner is engaging, don’t ignore them.  Laugh along about the weather or the crazy people that come to yard sales.  A friend will get a discount.  A sympathetic friend gets a good discount. 

     Don’t take it personally.  Some people are just angry and rude.  Don’t be one of them.  The worst thing you can do is take your money home with you.  Walk away with a smile and a thank you.