Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conspiracy Theory

     To help to allay fears and to help some people get in touch with internet reality, I am posting this web address.  


     Snopes is a website dedicated to urban legend and rumors.  I have used it lately to help weed out some odd postings on my family and friendly page! There is no Walmart truck transporting a trailer full of "this town is under martial law" signs.  So far, so good.

     I had also recently received a posting of a missing child. Of course my heart was immediately beating faster as I looked carefully to see if I recognized the girl. The picture struck me as NOT the sort of picture a mother would post if her child was missing, it was too party with my girlfriends happy.  I read  the post.  It was the photo of a friend of the poster's daughter.  I clicked on the photo to go to the post to read the comments.  I noted a different turn of phrasing as if these were not southerners.  I clicked on a portion of the photo in the top corner where something had been cropped out and went to the original post to find the girl was missing for two days in September, in England.  She returned home on her own and no police were involved.  And yet....My dear friend was posting this photo over to her family and friends in Central Florida, Ohio and their friends.  I know she meant to help, but five months later this girl's photo is still circling the globe.
     I heard a rumor today about the government's preparation to inter US citizens who refuse to surrender weapons after a ban that has not been passed yet.  I don't see anything on snopes like that at this time and I don't dismiss the story.  

I would not be surprised if some paper pusher who had never worn a uniform had said we will need to lock these people up and there are a lot of them.  I would not be surprised if someone were to point at the internment of Japanese citizens as a precedent for locking up a lot of people.  We did lock up a lot of Americans, and their children.  It has been done.  I also believe it will not go as smoothly as it did in the last century.  
I can't imagine any mixed group of citizens not containing military trained, if not actual combat veteran's and first responders.  I can't imagine a group of people not containing spoiled teenagers accustomed to getting their way and used to questioning anyone who tries to tell them what time it is.  This is not an era of people who will pack their bags and show up at the bus stop.  Internment may be a possibility  but it won't be easy.  
     Much talk among the internet outlets both for and against gun control, confiscation and/or banning.  Pick a side and there is an internet forum for you.  But, before joining in and waving banners, check the facts.  Check quotes and check out rumors.  The last thing a prepared person needs is to get caught up in someone else's panic.

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