Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cast Iron versus Cast Aluminum

     Cast iron has been around for thousands of years where cast aluminum is an historically new invention, since aluminum cookware has only been available since 1899.

     Cast iron is praised for it's even heat which makes it perfect for use over open fire, either wood or gas.  

     Both Cast iron and cast aluminum are now made with a coating to provide not only a non-stick surface that needs no seasoning, but also to prevent metal from leaching into the food.
     Some studies have linked leaching aluminum to Alzheimer's disease.  There are not a lot of studies done on cookware directly linking to the disease, but to reduce that risk, buy aluminum that is anodized to prevent leaching and do not store highly acidic foods like tomato sauces in aluminum you are not sure of.

Additionally, cast iron now comes in many colors of ceramic coating that are not only fashionable but non stick and protective.  This model shown here is called a dutch oven but is meant for indoor use in an oven as the lid is curved and does not allow for the resting of coals to create the oven.

teflon-toxic     I have been around the web and I found a lot of good information on  cookware at (click on blog and search cookware) and a vote for "dead set against any ceramic utensils and coatings" at   

     In the kitchen, it is a crap shoot to guess if this is the chemical leaching that will kill us or teflon, or aluminum or arsenic or .......  WE now have known for some time that teflon is dangerous to ingest and it is being phased out of the market.  Frankly, it isn't worth the high cost of investment in new cookware to experiment on new chemical risks, in my opinion. 

    Above, left is a photo of cast iron with a credit to the web page that reviews cast iron.  I vote stick with what works.   Learn to season a pot whether it comes coated or not.  I vote....IRON!

      Get rid of your old scratched teflon coated pots and pans and if you feel nanotechnology is a safe science, enjoy the very expensive pretty colored pots and pans!  

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