Saturday, February 23, 2013

Socks are not Underwear

     It is my opinion that socks are not underwear.  Socks are foot protection.  They are not equal to shoes but they are equally important.  In spite of the number of times I caught my four sons using a good pair of socks in lieu of shoes, socks are not shoes but they are footwear.  Without a good pair of socks in a new pair of shoes, you and your skin might as well be walking barefoot in the sand. 
     Again, I will not be recommending a particular brand.  I recommend you consider the information out there, the socks you need and the need for socks and just get plenty.  

     The best 'pro' for stocking up on socks, is the size fits you if you gain weight or loose weight.  One size does not fit all but the size that fits you will always fit you.

     As with shoes, there are many types and styles.  If you believe you will be trekking regularly, hiking socks that protect all the pressure points of the foot are a good option. 
      There are also different weights to consider.  There are winter socks and the socks you wear everyday.  I wear short synthetic knit socks that barely make it an ankle sock.  I can often get wet and these socks dry out quickly.  I would not wear these socks to a dog fight outside of work.  They do not breathe and I change out of them as quickly as I change out of the wet shoes.  

     Before I drive home, I change socks and shoes.  Keeping my feet healthy is important.  I have seen what a minor foot wound can turn into when ignored before the foot is amputated. I do not wallow in wet shoes and socks if I don't have to.  First aid and attention to blisters and cuts is imperative, but prevention is priceless.

     Also, my opinion,  most of the fun fashionable fuzzy socks and socks infused with Aloe Vera are just fluff.  They are for the evening, in home, in lieu of house shoes.  I have a large collection of socks given to me that I enjoy instead of the flip floppy house shoes.  I would not put the in a combat boot or hiker.   They too are made of man made synthetics and do not allow for breathing feet.  For me, for walks, hike, and covering ground, I like a pair of cotton or wool socks.  I have been in a pair of warm fuzzies when the phone rang, I slipped on shoes and about an hour later, wished I had a spare pair of shoes.  Me feet were hot and sweating.  

     To learn more about the fiber, construction, and how to wear a "manly" sock and what socks do for you try this website:

      Buy the best you can afford, and pack at least two pairs in your walking boots.  Pack spare pairs in the bug out bag using them as padding or packing cushions.  Stock more than you have used in the last year then get some more!

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