Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clutter Crud and Prep Supplies

     I was thinking about thinning the stuff in my house. As a housekeeper and closet cleaner, I am often gifted bags of other peoples clutter.  Sometimes, I can get to the bottom of the bag the same day and sort it into keep, give to a friend or family member or donate.  Sometimes it sits there in a corner until I can hear it whispering my name and I blog about it before the weekend when it will be sorted.  I have got to get it done so I can move on to more important things.
     I found some inter web photos to share in today's blog.  Above is an example of a cluttered garage.  This is not a prepper's garage.  I know this because I can see an empty backpack that is not packed with a three day supply of food, water, clothes and survival gear.  I see bedrolls, tents and water coolers scattered, not in an area that says "pick me up I'm packed to get out of Dodge!"  It is neat enough to get the car into the garage but not ready for a bug out.  These people do not know what they have, where it is or how to get it in the car before the shooting starts!  You should get to know your stuff.  Make lists of what you have.  Make lists of what you need and see how much of it is on the already have list.
I love this site.  It's for realtors to learn how NOT to set a house for sale.

This photo comes from a cool collection that allows me to make a point without posting a photo of my house on the web.  This is an example of a well lived in home that needs a prepper!  This house has prep goods and I bet the owners don't know it.  You need to look at your stuff.  Get to know your stuff.  Along the shelf at the top is a collection of vintage bottles that would be perfect to use as storage for beans, rice, or to make extracts or vinegars.  Of course, they would need to be wax sealed but they would be both lovely and useful.  There is room for a small shelf unit to further divide the dining room and kitchen that would get those appliances off the counter or provide storage for prep goods.  But, it is killing the housekeeper in me that there is a bottle of bleach on the counter next to the window.  

     There is a huge difference between clutter, crud and prep supplies.  I have some of all.  I admit to being a collector of costume jewelry and it has taken over a dresser.  I would leave it all behind in an emergency.  The good  family stuff is in a quick grab safe.

     The difference between supplies and clutter is, I know what I have, I know where it is and I know what I can live without.  I know how to get my car packed with survival items and how to get out of my neighborhood in a hot minute.

     I will leave behind no gold, no silver, no weapon or ammo.  I will stop along the way and pick up the cache and I will not look back.  Everything behind will be crud.  Sure, someone could get some use from some of the clothes or the gadgets.  But, I will not look back.  I will have what I need and I will know where I am going.

     I have lists.  I have supplies.  I have clutter.  SO, I have things to do.  I will sort out four bags of clutter, I will pack, store or take away stuff to donate.  I will continue to prep.

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