Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where IS your Bug Out Bag?

     I was taking the buckets of cleaning supplies out of my car this morning and I realized I am VERY well camouflaged.  Anyone sticking their nose into my business would only see my cleaning business.  I put two laundry baskets side by side in back.  There is space on either side of the baskets and at the front and back of the trunk space.

There's a lot of space back there for a business and a lifestyle
     One of my baskets has cleaning supply back ups, extra sponges, dusters, brushes and gloves.  The other basket holds the auto emergency kit, a pocket fisherman kit, tools and the fluids cars need, like oil, transmission fluid, etc.  I have two buckets set up with what I need in a house in front of the baskets and I have a pile of drying cloths in the space over the tire.  The buckets keep them in place. Over the other tire I keep a first aid kit. 

     This system works for my work.  It also gives me a lot of hidden space in the trunk for other things.  There is a space behind the baskets filled with controlled chaos and the back of the back seats.  There in the dark rests the bug out bag.  In an emergency I can pack a basket of urgent need items in a basket in the house, go to the car and toss the housekeeping business!  If it were a dire emergency, I could pull a basket, grab the bag and go leaving the car behind. 

     I also have access to the bag from the inside of the car by twisting around, pressing a button, letting down the back seat and grab the bag and go.  It is important to me that I have access to the bag from inside the car.  I drive with my eyes open and there are some neighborhoods that whisper, stay in the car.  a site for vehicle organizers 
     I know there is space behind the seat of any pickup truck and space in every trunk, but I know some people who concern me a little.  I know one prepper has his house prepped and he's ready to bug in but I don't think he can put his hands a a BOB in his car or pickup.  You need more than a concealed weapon and the permit to carry it to get home if you find yourself walking.  Maybe we should start calling some bags Get Home Safe bags.  

      I have  a beautiful, funny, smart sister.  She will never get it together in an emergency.  Her desk is perfectly organized at work.  People depend on her organizational skills.  But, one time, she opened her trunk to give me something and I thought, yeah, we will need to provide for her.  That trunk was a coffin for work files, several document boxes for her not for profit organization and some left overs from a beach trip.  She noticed my eyes were lingering and she said What?  I just asked, soooo where is your auto emergency kit?  It was in her garage.  Garage!  So, this is how I know she has no BOB, no plan and she will need more than a little help.  She may be the last person in the family to get on board and prepare for an emergency.    Still, I believe we will keep her.  She has military training and she can take orders.

When I ask you where your bug out bag is, I don't really want you to tell me, I am not your mom.  I want you to think.  Are you preparing for emergencies?  Where is your stuff?  Can you get your hands on it? Can it be seen by strangers?  Are you ready?

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