Friday, February 15, 2013

100 Posts and a LOT of information, condensed

     I have posted 100 prep entries.  I have disallowed for my few personal points.  I did bellyache about my car once and I feel the opening post was just a promise.  

     Because I believe I have delivered on that promise to share prep info and even redirect you to other sites to get more or better how to facts, I thought today I would recap a bit.  

     Thank you for stopping in to see what's new, but a piece of good advice I can give you is "Stop.  Every once in a while stop and review."   Look over the last week or month or year and list the things that you enjoyed learning.  Remember the lessons that made a difference to your life.  First and always pat yourself on the back and tell yourself, every step is a step forward even when the lessons are hard. 

     So, for stopping in more than once, here is a present:  a review   and....GOOD JOB!  Good for you preparing for the times that are to come!

Buckets-- use to pack stored supplies
              a bucket full of baby items is a whole week of food & formula
              a med kit to go full of medicine bandaging & over the counter meds.
              games & paper record keeping, educational             booklets, pencils & pens
              Hydroponic gardening
              Good to have and good to fill.

Kitchenware--Pots and pans that can be used to cook in home or over fire
              A dutch oven, pie irons, and spiders for fire cooking
              Non-electrical appliances, juicers, butter churn, food mill
              Barbecue tools
              Canning supplies

Make your own prep supplies and gifts--Firestarters, a personal toilette,
              Fleece blankets, fleece caps, bandages, table covers & 1st aid kits 

Food--Long term storable foods, sugar, rice, vinegar, beans, dehydrated whole
              foods like potatoes, dehydrated milk

How to store it in home before moving off site.

Gardening for prep--Seed starting, cold framing, & seed saving, composting
Simple Solar ovens
Temporary Shelter


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