Saturday, February 2, 2013

The heirarchy of PREP
     Maslow's Hierarchy of needs place food shelter and water on the bottom.  It is the foundation of survival as a human.  Before we can evolve, excel, exceed basic animal survivalism, or achieve this self actualization,  we need these things secured.  This is the foundation of the concerns of a prepper.  This is a representation of the things we prep so that we may be more than the creatures scrounging for food, or water or shelter after a crisis.  

     We prep like the squirrels.  We gather, we pack, we store, we rotate the stock.  We consume the stock but unlike the squirrels, we do not wait until autumn to begin gathering again.  We continue to gather as we consume to replace goods needed to live.
     We buy or make a filtration system so that we may gather water from the sky or ground and make it safe to drink.  We calculate water needs and store that amount.
     WE fortify our dwelling against the elements and the element of surprise.  We consider bugging out to a shelter in a safer location, we decide if we stay.  We make a plan and we make the best to prepare our place for what comes.
      WE make ready a wardrobe of quality sturdy suitable clothing and stock in the fuel to keep our frail human bodies warm.

     This is the foundation for the life upon which all human beings build.  The difference between preppers and non preppers is we are aware that life is change.  Life carries risk and danger.  Disasters happen and some of them can be seen coming from days away and even years ahead and we prepare for them and add some extra prep for the things that just pop up unexpectedly.  

     WE are the same as any other human, but we are very different in our thinking than the average citizen.  We prep to survive and we plan to survive and we plan to be the survivors of electromagnetic pulse, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, fire, drought, gas prices, hyper inflation, or just a general social upheaval following pandemic.  WE prepare to live.

     For the sake of safety, many prepper's plan to bug out of dodge when bad times come.  WE prepare to defend what we have, what we have achieved and the ones we love.  We are not the nuts who recruit large numbers of people while preaching anti social behavior.  WE live right here getting ready for the next break in the norm and we are ready to defend our right to survive.  I don't know about ALL preppers but I do know, no one I know is talking sedition.  No one I want to socialize with would turn on the finest document written in this millennium  the Constitution, and I won't truck with anyone who does.  However, when I lock my door, don't try to open it.  Just don't.  Please look into this pyramid at
     I practice my skills.  I plant, I practice my aim, I study my books and I stay alert to the lessons I learn.  I am proud of what I know and I enjoy sharing it with you.  Therefore, I blog.  I live.  I work.  I share.

   Well, this I believe to be fleeting.  For about five minutes this afternoon, I felt I was exactly where I needed to be as the exact person I had come to be.  Then some guy blew his horn at me because the light changed to green and life goes on!  I am more concerned with the foundation of person-hood than the peak.  I continue to prep.  

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