Monday, November 26, 2012

In Every Med Kit

     In every med box or med kit you stock and store you naturally want to be sure you have the best supplies you can afford.  I want to make suggestions to make your med box better and give you ideas for multi-use items.

     If you are cut off from your group or are unable to get back to your safe place, you want to have more than just the first aid kit and some gauze bandages.  You could easily add a few items that could keep you going and get you home.  
     Travel size containers of the following are good to have; baby powder or medicated body powder, zinc oxide or baby butt cream (for chafing, waterproofing a wound), Petroleum jelly, sunscreen, aspirin, ibuprophen, Benedryl, one time use Liquid Skin, cough drops, toothbrush, dental floss.

     Petroleum jelly waterproofs skin, lubricates the skin and can be used to oil machine parts and 1000 other uses.
     Dental Floss doubles as a suture and as thread for stitching clothing.
     Feminine napkins make a good bandaging pad.  
     Teething gel for tooth pain contains benzocaine and is a numbing agent.  
     Mouth wash (look at how much alcohol is in it!) is a disinfectant.  
     Provodone/iodine solution is great to have but if bulk is an issue, pour solution into a zippered baggie with some makeup removal pads.  You now have made iodine wipes for on the go!  
     Duct tape can remove splinters, hold a cut closed until you get somewhere safe, or mend a torn bag. 

      Pack an L.E.D. flashlight and extra batteries.  

      A rain poncho, even the Dollar Tree poncho  will keep off the rain.  Try to get a two pack, one for you and one for the next day!  Also, use as a table cloth or cover if you need to make a sterile area.   
     Pack a survival knife.  There are many models available; Harbor Freight at sells a Bowie style knife with a fishing kit, wire saw, waterproof matches, etc. in the handle and a compass on the end.  There are many makers, try to buy quality and not just price. This is from a prep site.  Look for one you like.
     A multi-tool and a good jack knife could be an affordable alternative to the bigger hunting survival knife.
     A sling shot is not only good for taking down small game but can be used to deflect danger.  We've all seen that scene in the movie when a distant sound distracts danger.  Make it happen with a sling shot.  They fold down for easy packing, and ammo is available everywhere! 

     To make room in your bug out bag for more items of a better variety and these additional ideas, take away as much of the store bought packaging as you can.  Take roll bandages out of their boxes; put them all together in a zippered baggie.  Tear open the boxes; pack those paper boxes flat in a baggie for tinder for a fire. 

      Even with these items the basic med box is no more bulky, it is just better prepared.  Pack it all, repack it and pack it again.  That means; Drill!  Test your skill! Oh, yeah and then try to do it wearing a pair of latex gloves!  


Anonymous said...

Good point all around

cowboyfl1 said...

Couple points. A sling shot is an awesome hunting device. There are videos on youtube that show how to make a sling shot shoot an arrow. Although the harbor freight knives are useful, get 2. The thing is that a knife can be used to chop down a tree if you are hitting the back side of it with a fulcrum or log of some type. Not a .357. Which is a story I will have to tell you about later. Thanks