Friday, November 30, 2012

RICE in bulk

      Statistics can be found on numerous websites tallying the amount of food stuffs consumed by the “Average American Family”. I looked to find the answer to my question on rice consumption.  I quickly became bored by repeated failures.  It is possible that the average American Family does not consume enough rice to be worthy of top billing in my search engine.  

     Also, I thought rice consumption is greater and lesser in families that are not representative of the average American.  I imagine the families of Asian descent consume greater quantities than those of us who were raised on meat and potatoes.  Following that logic, I suppose there must be families that eat no rice at all. 

     I personally like rice for its ability to sit quietly in a storage container for eons waiting for archaeologists to dig up and admire its freshness.  I like the many ways rice can be stored for disaster preppers.   In a worst case scenario, consider the long term storability of rice, A five gallon bucket holds 45 lbs. when packed loose and about 5 lbs. less when stored in original plastic bags. See more on the subject of buckets in a later blog.  Rice can store in plastic bottles according to FEMA, but I am concerned about BPA and use only food safe bottles that have never been heated and i will store them in a cool storage area.

     Rice will be there years later when kept dry and longer when kept cool, dark and dry.   But, how much?  How much is enough?  How much does the average family consume?  How much do I need?  Unable to find a good guide online, I have done my own math for my own needs. 
     I think anyone can use these basic numbers to gauge their own needs.  1 cup rice plus 2 cups water for cooking, serves 4 people at ½ cup serving each as a side dish with a meat and vegetable.  This makes a balanced plate.  In a peaceful world this is the best case serving size.   A worst case scenario for measuring rice multiplies when rice is not a side dish but a staple.  
     1 cup rice can serve two a single meal or serve one person for a day.  1 cup rice for 2 persons three times a week for 52 weeks equals 78 lbs.
     Four people eating 2 cups of rice (raw measure) three times a week for 52 weeks equals 156 lbs., 5 times a week in the same amount is 195 lbs per year.  
    This is my math, or better stated, this is MY math for ME.  You have to do your own math for your own needs.  Trust me any starving person will eat anything you offer.  Any reasonable person will eat what they can acquire.  In troubled times, acquiring any food cannot be guaranteed.  
     1 cup of rice equals 1/2lb.       2cups rice per 1lb. bag 
     Rice is currently $9.99 for a twenty pound bag and $18.99 for a fifty lb. bag at GFS Marketplace, $4.99 for a ten lb. bag at Savealot and $.99 to $1.79 per one pound bag at most grocers in central Florida depending on variety and brand.  As always, do the math.    
     Storing rice while it is fairly inexpensive is a consideration.  Storing rice while it is available is a prepper’s consideration.  Of course, you can grow our own.  I happen to know you can grow rice in containers.  However, a five gallon bucket of rice in the garden will only barely make one meal.  

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