Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How I Got Started

     One day I was at work taking a break and talking to my eldest son, a former marine, who works the same property.  He was talking about one of his friends from high school who had given him a book he found interesting.  I listened as he spoke about the need to get ready for trying times.  Then there was some talk of politics and what was going on in current events which I didn't disagree with.  Over the course of some weeks I came to realize how much this book impressed him when he spoke to one of his brothers about it.  That conversation lead to a phone call where son #2 was sure #1 had gone over the edge and the PTSD had bent his brain and this stupid book was the plague or something!  I played the mom and told him I’d have the talk with his brother.  I asked him if I could read this book.  He gave me his copy of Patriots by James Wesley Rawles.  I am glad he did.
     Let’s critique this book.  It isn't going to win any prizes for literature.  It reads like a first novel.  It has many relatable characters.  It is a complete story with a moral. It goes on and on with lists of ammo and inventories of weapons and gear as if everyone on the planet has a background in firearms in places.  It also brought up about 100 talking points and those ammo and supply lists came in handy when making our lists and talking about what we could really use in a pinch. 
   I recommended son #2 should remember we have always prepped for disaster.   We just called it hurricane supplies and his brother was not building a compound or changing his opinion to match the views of the writer.  We always prepped and he always thought these thoughts.  My final opinion was, if #1son found focus and peace in prepping , then cool.  #1 had been through a lot and long after he was sure the insurgents were not an issue here in Florida, he still had a feeling.  He knew something was coming.  This book helped him find his words.  I suggested #2 read the book.  He didn't. 
     The second book, Survivors, came out and as a second novel, it was an easier read.  I gave over both to son #4 to read so he could catch up and catch on to our conversations.  Time passed and acceptance settled in.  Son #2 still wouldn't read the books but he did keep up with the daily news and saw a trend that his brother and like minded individuals had been talking about before it happened.  He put current events together with history as we know it and BOOM!  He is now the author of a blog devoted to preparatory skill building!  You can see him at
   We had always been prepared for the next major storm and if it came, it did.  If it didn't, it didn't.  But, the times they are a changing and any number of scenarios could put an end to the life we live now.  We have suffered an economic pinch compared to the crunch talked about in the book Patriots.  Food banks are emptying.  Homelessness isn't just for drug addicts and mental patients.  Harder times are coming.  There is no easy fix when all anyone wants is to go back to the way things were, which ultimately lead us to here and now.   I highly recommend these two books I have mentioned as well as the authors’ blog at and go ahead and purchase his archive to get great tips and input into the world of preparing.
Book three in the Patriot series has been published.  I set aside a day to read it and I like that the author points out the books don’t have to be read in any order, each is a stand alone.  So, start with Founders or either of the other two and you too will have pause for thought, cause for talk, and an understanding of the basics of disaster prepping.
       I am launching this blog to help the cause of preppers on a budget.  I cannot afford to bug out to a retreat location and must rely on my wits to survive disasters, however they may come.  I am here to share what I know and help others stay on budget and on track as we prepare for an uncertain future together.  I hope to learn from you as well as you have wisdom and tips to share so, let's get ready for whatever whenever and be there on the other side of whatever life throws at us.

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