Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Preparedness Outlets

     Emergency essentials is a bulk food, water filtration, emergency gear store.  You can buy online at, in person or by catalog.  They offer deeper discounts on bulk purchases when you and your family, friends or like minded associates combine your purchase to buy as a group.

     They offer a blog here on blog-spot at  They twitter and Facebook too.  They are a very modern LDS store.  I am not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but I am a customer of Emergency Essentials.

     I started out purchasing a combination pack of heritage seeds for my garden.  The price was good even when NOT on sale and better when it was, so that is when I bought my second pack to store in  the secret cool dark storage in the event that I need a lot of seed later.

     Several of my sons have taken advantage of their Mountain House selections and the Meals Ready to Eat.  The selection is good and the ex-Marine states the MREs are of high quality and he is sure its better than he got last time in Iraq!  That is high praise indeed.
     I also shop  This company also offers some food supplies but is more of a weapons and tactical outlet.

     If you don't need weapons and tactical gear, great, they also have camping survival gear, water filtration, first aid and more.  They too have a catalog and online store.  I was glad to find they are offering a Cheaper Than Dirt Gift card if you don't know what your survivor needs for the holidays or gift giving occasions.
     Their customer service was just great when a complaint did pop up over the quality of a product.  They made it right.  No drama!  That is all I ask.  I must say all sizes are not always available in the catalog so check there site often if you have an need for the extras.

      Because one son is one size upper and much smaller lower, I had to shop two stores for his last outfitting gift.  Not to worry, www.majorsurplus was able to fill in and get me the other half of what I needed!  Major Surplus is pretty similar to Cheaper than Dirt but as I said they had the odd size when I needed it.

 I wanted to share this information if you haven't seen the site, visit soon.  I have no stock in the company, I am not being paid to endorse any product.  

I know there are many other sites and stores locally across the country, but if you need something and these three don't have it, you better make it yourself!  However, if you have found a good site or store, feel free to post it here, thank you!

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