Monday, November 12, 2012

Shopping Habits

Let’s dish about the shopping habits of some people!

     Some people shop at the grocer’s nearest their home.  Some people shop at the best priced grocer’s on their path home from work.  Some people shop wherever they are most likely to be seen by people in their work or social circle.  Some people shop for a day or two at a time wandering the produce aisles leisurely looking for the freshest fruits and veggies without blemishes to put in their string bags and walk them home.   Some people rush in to their shop forgetting whether or not they have locked their keys in their SUV or thrown them in their handbag as if they are never going to use them again.  Some people load up their kids in carts and push through the aisles talking to them about homework as they grab this and toss and answer their cell phones as they balance the baby, the shopping list, the handbag, the text from work.  Some people have a clear and focused approach to this shopping chore buying only what is on the list and never looking up.  Some people are absolutely unaware that other people are in the store as they do what they do, running over feet and kids and the elderly.  Some people are in the store because they have to be there while some go for a walk to enjoy the company and have a chat over the deli counter.   You know who you are.

     I go shopping when I am good and ready, with a list and a plan and enough money to cover what I need and a bit extra for prepping.  I also keep my phone with me with the notepad feature open so I can make notes for future use.  Maybe I am not in the market for an item today but I do not want to let it slip my mind at a later date.  When store staff or management pass me they just assume I am responding to a text.  Some stores are fickle about comparison shoppers. 

     Try to shop at non peak hours without the dependents or little helpers.  Take your time and follow your plans.  Twenty-four hour stores may be a solution for you but are not my first choice.  I don’t want to make myself a parking lot target for snatch and grabs after midnight and I’d rather blend in with half a crowd than to be the lone shopper that all the staff are looking to assist.  I don’t like nosy helpers asking why one person needs 20 lbs. of rice or five flats of water.  I don’t want to be well known for my prepping in case the time comes when people think they know a lady who has plenty.  I have what I think I need.  I cannot help the stray unprepared clerk. 

     I recommend sharing prep plans on a need to know basis.  Even though I am blogging and the web words are always out there, I am not inviting anyone to an end of the world as we know it dinner without a blood tie, at this time.  Security is as much a priority now as it will be a lifestyle later. 

     One of my long held mottoes is, DON’T start none, Won’t be none.  Don’t be alone in the dark with your money in your hand and you will less likely be followed and robbed.  Don’t let yourself be distracted from your list, your goals or your safety.  You are on a mission to acquire goods and stores for you and your family; this is not a trip to the moon or a day at fun land!  Take it seriously, much like hunting in the woods it can be an adventure, only difference now is the bears can have knives or guns.  Get your head in the moment.

Shop to live long and well.  Shop to acquire goods and services needed.  Shop smart.

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