Friday, November 30, 2012

More on extracts

     Prompted by cowboyfla1's posted comment, I forgot to mention...  Flavoring alcohol can just be plain old fashioned fun!
buy it like this or flavor it
as a gift for the holidays
      When I went to the liquor store to buy the liquor for this year's gifts, one of the cashiers went to school with my niece.   I asked him where they kept the cheapest vodka.  He showed me some peach flavored stuff that was dirt cheap, but I told him, no, I flavor my own and just need plain for the recipes I was making.

     He asked how do you flavor vodka and we got into a crafty conversation.  His partner behind the register was taking notes because she liked orange vodka and it is not cheap there.  
      So, to infuse a liquor follow the same steps as in making extracts. For vanilla, you cut a vanilla bean straight down its"seam" and put it into a bottle of vodka, shake it and store in a cool dry place.  You can serve it three days later at your party as an infused vodka. Take the vanilla bean out of the bottle after serving drinks or add more vodka and let it sit longer to make extract.

     For orange infused vodka, add the zest of one whole orange per fifth of vodka.  Shake, store three days, and serve.  For a fast infusion and a twist on this recipe, slice two whole oranges, tossing the ends cut the slices in half and place in a pitcher with a pour spout.  Cover with a fifth of vodka, stir vigorously then cover with a plastic wrap.  Chill and serve as instant screwdrivers.  Pour vodka into chilled glasses, add some of the orange slices and enjoy! You can infuse tequila with limes the same way.

     Also as an extra note for anyone reading, you can make coconut extract with coconut flakes and you can infuse clear rum or vodka with coconut, but you want to strain the coconut out before serving the infusion or bottling extract as a gift, the little flakes can be a choking hazard and it doesn't look good.

     Yes, you can infuse a clear rum with pineapples and coconut and call it mini colada.  All the flavors without the extra calories or time to mix drinks! 

     I keep saying, Christmas is coming, but New Years is also coming and even in a grid down situation, there will be down time.  Enjoy!

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