Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barter in action

     With the looming Federal "sequester", we have all heard the gloom and doom warnings from the gloom and doom mongering news networks.  It may not happen over night, but gloom is in the forecast.  With forced federal employee furloughs ahead, everyone will be prioritizing bills that need paying over those that will wait.  We will not have fun money.
IRS deductions for charity clothes

     In lieu of cash we will begin to barter.  I will trade services for goods.  I can see the need coming and I am willing to let the client grapevine know now that I am available for short term barter jobs.  This has worked well for me in the past.  Without advertising in a paper, I picked up a few closet cleaning jobs.  One closet grossed me thirteen 32 gallon bags of clothes and three bags of shoes in a popular family size.  When they were sorted, I had three bags of stylish clothes with the price tags still on them.  I let the ladies in the family pick three items each, then turned the rest out to yard sales.  
     With the effort of Four hours closet cleaning labor and hanging the clothes up for two days on two weekends, I netted $339 and retained a left over bag of never worn new clothes I have continued to give the younger family as they grew into the size.  I donated 4 bags of clothes to a charity thrift store.  That was a deal.  Bartering time and service paid off.  The final math was $21.85 per labor hour and lots of goodwill.

Widener's Reloading 
     There are a number of other options to maximize  your barter dollars.  One of my sons got in to a conversation with a trusted dealer in small arms.  They talked about the high cost of ammo and his difficulty getting what his customers wanted.  He mentioned a particular caliber and my son knew he had an abundance.  When the conversation was over, my son walked away with the weapon he had originally saved to purchase without putting out any cash or dipping into his ammo bank.  he traded ammo he didn't need anymore but had plenty of.  Bullets are cash now.  Imagine when in a few short months, bullets will be silver and not long later, gold.

     Now is the time to speculate cautiously.  If you are in a position to invest in an item whose need will become greater than it is now, this is the time to purchase.  If you have not counted your supplies in a while, this is the time to know down to the last grain of rice, what you have and how much you paid for it as well as how valuable is it to you and how much will it take to persuade you to trade with it.  It is time to mentally speculate on what you have and who do you know.  Do you have a good relationship with the person who sold you your last weapon?  Do you have ammo of a caliber to trade for what you need?  Is this person willing to barter? 

     I do not have a stash of weapons or ammo to trade.  I am not in any way against weapons.  I just have no safe place to store any such item at this time.  I do not have unlimited liquid assets.  I have skills and a desire to do business.  I will be expending efforts and spending skills to acquire things and liquidating them into either cash gas or supplies.  
     I have been preaching the word of barter for some time before I started blogging and one family member once belonged to a barter association until the "fees" became oppressive and the services you could trade for came with caveats and upfront cash deposits.  If you are a first time barterer or are nervous about bartering your services, look into your area and see if you have a barter association you can deal with.  Dentists barter for painters to work for them in trade for an agreed number that can be traded like cash for dental services.  Hotels and small businesses trade handyman services for overnight stays or meals.  Do some online research and get prepared for times when a day off from work a week doesn't abate the need for home repairs.

National Association of Trade Exchanges | Join. Trade. Save.

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