Monday, April 8, 2013

Preparing for a police stop.

     I was at one of my son's homes recently when we began a conversation about the last time I got stopped by a police officer.  It was a little funny.  This officer flashed his lights and the whoop whoop siren and I pulled over, immediately.  I wasn't going fast, my turn signal was already on as I was chasing a yard sale sign at the time, and I was physically able, so I pulled over.  

      I saw him in my rear view mirror as he got out of his car.  He didn't stand straight up, he approached the car bent over and had his hand on his weapon, in the side mirror I saw his hand clearly ON his weapon!?  So, I put my hands up where he could see them as he approached.  He dipped down a little and as I looked over my shoulder, I saw him looking in my back seat and then he smiled.  He straightened up and told me he thought I was following him like a drug spotter until he saw the back seat of the car with my most recent Saturday morning yard sale finds.  He realized as he had seen me in several neighborhoods he had been cruising I seemed to be right behind him.  I said, as I have in the past, "No self respecting drug dealer would be caught in a piece of crap car like mine!"  I laughed, he smiled and told me there was another yard sale right up the road.  

     About that time, I felt I was being approached.  I looked at my son and with eyes he recognized I asked 'whazzup, with that?' without words.  He laughed and introduced me to his neighbor the retired cop!  He joined in the conversation telling me those big fancy drug dealer cars are racing around town being all flashy trying to get attention so the police don't notice the piece of junk car actually carrying the drugs.  That surprised me.  I mean, who knew?

     For years I have thought, what kind of drug dealer would drive a crappy looking car like mine?  Well, now I understand.  I get pulled over more than four times a year and I never get a ticket.  Sometimes, it turns out to be a reunion with one of my son's former high school friends, sometimes it's a license check.  Now, I understand.  

     When I see two or more fancy cars blasting cop hate rap and I am just putting along, I should expect to be accused of drug running.  Right?  That is so very wrong.  I get the logic the police are applying and I realize that my age and gender means nothing as those officers know anyone of any age or sex will break the law if they can.  I just now realize I am being targeted on the road by drug runners using me as additional, camouflage.

     This is a lesson in preparedness I would have never anticipated.  For years I have wondered why I am being pulled over while fancy new cars speed by, and I mean one time a car almost clipped the officer.  Now, I know.  The lesson is, there is always someone out there looking to get over on the law.  They will use any means available to them.  They will use any one available to them at the time.  They will plot and plan and be prepared to step behind anyone to deflect attention from themselves.  I am not surprised, just a little put out that I have a car that would survive an EMP surge for MY use.

     I don't really know how to prep for this.  I will continue to drive as safely as I can in a vehicle with working brakes and lights and good tires, and insurance.  I will continue to remain calm when pulled over and keep a positive attitude.  I will clean out the glove box and organize it so I can give up my registration and proof of insurance in a more fluid manner.  I will make sure I have nothing that looks like a weapon visible.  What else can I do?  

     I really do feel for the police who pull me over, wasting their time and adrenaline on me.  All I can do is prepare to be stopped again and keep positive.  

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