Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The A/C guy talks too much

     The guy came to the estate home I manage to change the filters and test all the units.  I don't know why it takes six hours.  He has to walk from one end of the house to the other several times carrying a testing unit.  Maybe it takes so long because he stops to talk.  He asks how the home owner made his money.  I tell him through hard work.  He asks if the landscaper really mows the five acre estate with a push mower.  He does.  Then he asked me what I thought about the Boston marathon bombing.  

     This is too serious a subject to give a one liner.  I thought the moment I heard the news, it was domestic terrorism.  it was horrible to target families.  It is the act of a sick person in a sad little world.  The A/C guy said, that's why I have 3000 rounds of 22 long.  Hmm,  a test?  perhaps!  I asked him what kind of hunting he liked to do with that ammo.  He said it'll knock down a man.  Well, yeah.  I mean a rock will knock down a man, but if you are saying that is your main defensive weapon, get some rocks!  

     Still, there I am bleaching a stain out of a sink in a kitchen twenty by thirty foot kitchen.  He had to make a special trip to casually walk past me and ask me a question.  Now, he started talking about how hard it is to find the bulk boxes and Gander Mountain is limiting the number of boxes you can purchase.  He was just going on and on.  So, I asked, "Do you prep?"  He said, "I'm not crazy or anything but the wife has a .38 for her personal protection and well, you just need to protect what you have."  HE went on about television preppers and underground shelters while I cleaned the counter. He talked about potential riots if a local race based case goes either way. Then he said something about inflation and starving people and cannibals and WHATEVER!!!!      Shut up!  
     Is there a tattoo on my face that says talk stupid to me?  I took a breath and put down my cleaning products.  I announced break time! and went outside to sit in my car.  

     I have blogged before about how people over share.  You can walk in to a persons driveway at a yard sale and come out with a map to their home security and supplies.  It amazes me.  Either done in innocence or in some move to impress, information is offered without invitation.  The A/C guy, I believe was on a fishing expedition.  I believe he wanted to know how much the homeowner pays the landscaper for old fashioned yard work.  I believe he expected me to tell him I too have an arsenal.  I believe he expected me to be impressed.  I believe he was killing time and it irritated me.  

    Tonight's blog is today's lesson.  Listen, don't talk.  Smile and walk.  Security starts with stealth. Safety is a wall of silence.  Do what you do, and keep it to yourself.   

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