Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Water in the Home


     Long term storage of water bottles is a real grey area for me.  This is Florida.  It gets hot, we drink a lot of water and the convenience of picking up a flat of water and the short term it spend on the shelf make it a must have.  The key to my use of bottled water is rotation.  I buy a flat and put it in back of the water i have and use water from the front. 

     I know the bottled water controversy is more than just convenience and the cost of that convenience.  Some bottled water is no different than tap water.  I buy water that is specifically marked Spring Water, not purified.  For heavens sake! I have a water filter on my faucet!  I am a little picky about my spring water, too.  I like Zephyr Hills.  I like the Big lots brand, Crystal Geyser.  I will not drink those so called purified waters like Aquafina, it tastes like metal pipes, to me.  So, besides the issue of BPA, there is the issue of taste.  Buy what you like.  buy what you use and rotate regularly.

     Because the BPA issue is so important, I want to separate it from the taste issue.  The majority of bottles w/ #7 on the bottom contain BPA.  Safer alternatives are bottles (and other plastics) that have #1, #2, or #4 on the bottom.(http://www.acacamps.org/hottopics/bpa).  For more information in a small area click here:http://www.nrdc.org/thisgreenlife/0902.asp.

drinking bottle...
      To reduce your personal BPA levels, you can filter water from the tap with a Brita, Pur, or other brand water filter and use a BPA free container to chill it or a steel or aluminum drinking bottle to transport it.  


     For more water on the go ideas, try Bed Bath and Beyond at htttp://www.bedbathandbeyond.com.  For prep supplies?  Who knew? right?  Yes, try it you could shop local and save not only on cost but on shipping.  Just because it's a needed prep item doesn't mean it must be ugly or expensive.

WATER FILTERS for the Home

     Look into portable filter bottles at sporting goods stores and online and at Bed, Bath and Beyond as above.
      For the kitchen or bath room sink, Home Depot offers a comparison chart so you can shop product price and the job you want it to do.  Note: They do not carry Britta.  Brita filters are licensed in to Lowe's.  If you want that brand you have to go there or go to WalMart.  At WalMart you will also find DuPont brand.  I use DuPont for the extra filtering layers and for price, but do your home work. 
Culligan Brushed Nickel Inline Shower Filter, ISH-300
Culligan Brushed Nickel Inline Shower Filter, ISH-300
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor up to 97 percent
  • Reduces sulfur odor
  • http://www.walmart.com
  •      Beyond prepping needs, there are a number of inline filters for the shower and shower head filters now available at Home Depot and Lowes and other hardware and department stores.    Hardware and building supply stores are the best place to start investigating whole house water filters including brands like Culligan.  They offer do it yourself levels of installation and an installation service.  So your investigating online and avoid sales people in the home.  

    Stick with me folks, I am gearing up to water filtration on the run and filtering rainwater.  


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