Monday, April 22, 2013

Small gardens BIG yield

     I just received a photo of a new idea in gardening that I thought was impressive.  I have for years practiced a sort of square foot gardening to increase yield in a small yard but this idea beats that all over!  

     This is freaking BRILLIANT! You staple weed cloth to ones side of the pallet.  Place the pallet where you want it, even on rocky uneven ground or on a grassy spot.  Fill it with soil and plants.  BRILLIANT!  This is a container garden I can love.  I am going to do this next week when my son's granite counter tops are delivered.  I call dibs on the pallet!!!

     I like anything that can do more than the job it was made to do.  I love recycling.  This idea gives new life to something headed to the burn pile.  

     My square foot gardening has looked like this in the past, but this summer, I am going to try the pallet.

     I have also used the small size wading pool to make a container garden. 

My number two son took this a step (giant step) forward as he set up his first hydroponic garden around the edge of one of his koi ponds.  In this case a square frame sat neatly upon the round pond.
     We grew potatoes in buckets purchased at the Dollar Tree Store this past winter.

     We had a rainy spell that kept our skies overcast and gray for three days running.  I was thoroughly gloomy until this morning I received a phone call from my two year old grandson who tried to sing his ABCs to me this morning.  Then I got home and found this wood pallet photo on my family Facebook page.  I am totally re-energized!    Come join me in the garden!   

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