Monday, April 1, 2013

Not One Penny Extra

     I know what this economy is doing to all of us.  Even if your income is secure and you are up to date with your mortgage payments, you have been touched by the economy.  Gas prices are up one day, down two days in a row and up and up and up.  We have all been touched by the high costs and slow recovery.  

    I have been approached  by more than one person complaining that there isn't a single penny extra for prepping for disaster.  I know two of the complainers well and I know they have more income than I have.  We have the same number of dependents.  The differences are  priorities.  

    I am going to catch friend crap over this but true is true.  I don’t go to the latest movie the minute it hits the theater.  If I want to see a movie, I wait until the discount day or a few weeks when it shows up at the discount theater.  I haven’t seen the inside of a new car in this century.  I don’t get a new one every two years.  I own the home I live in, I don’t pay rent.  I don’t shop the mall stores. 
    I know even though I live a “cheaper” lifestyle, I have more designer clothes, more designer handbags, more designer and vintage jewelry than anyone I know.  I also have supplies set aside for a number of different disaster scenarios.  I have supplies stored for personal use and some for barter and some for charitable giving.  I have a survival library.  I have non-electrically operated appliances, tools and gadgets to make a life without power possible.   I have a generator.  I have a Faraday box for my backup discs, thumb drives and SD cards.

    Still, the complainers insist, it can’t be done in this economy.  They tell me there isn't a penny extra for prep.  I agree.  I didn't achieve my goals with the wave of a single credit card.  The money I spend is labeled 'instead of money'.  Instead of money for a movie on opening night, it is money for a bigger Faraday box.  Instead of having money for a big cup of coffee with extra squirts of goo, I have money for eight pounds of rice, seven pounds of beans or a box of dehydrated milk that makes two gallons of skim milk. 

     I have a different set of priorities.  I shop thrift stores.  I shop discount stores.  Tomorrow I am going to a store I have never shopped before to gauge its place in my life plan.   It is a store that sells discount groceries.  I am going with a calculator and a lighted magnifying glass.  I want to check sell by dates and use by dates as well as packaging integrity.  I do discount but I don’t buy garbage.  If I can’t use it or see it as a future trade or charity item, I don’t buy it.
    I have supplies I once had on a list of things I needed.  I shopped and planned and bought what I needed until I checked off all the things on the list, and then I bought all those things again.  I believe one is none and two are one.  

    I don’t treat my prep lists as if they were luxuries.  They are lists of things I will need and things I will use.  Luxuries are not the things you buy first. 

    I don’t begrudge anyone the extras or the nice things in life.  I like nice things.  I just don’t like the idea of waking up on a day when there is no electricity followed by no city water knowing the gas stations are dry with no food in the cabinet and no way to cook it. 

    I take the complaints I hear with a grain of stored salt!  I consider the source and the fact that if you say you can’t do something, you know best! 

    If you can’t, you won’t.  If you decide you will, you will.  

    Trade a cup of coffee for a future.  Trade a trip to the mall for a dehydrator.  Start small.  Trade a pack of gum for a packet of seeds.  Don’t spend an extra penny on prep supplies.  Spend your money on prep supplies instead of………………

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