Saturday, April 20, 2013

OFF Season Sales

     Yesterday, I posted on the subject of buying off season to save money and prepare for the next season to come.  This has been a family mantra all my life.  However, in this day and electronic age of economic lemmings and sheep, it has become increasingly difficult to shop 'off-season' locally.  So many department stores have rebooted in an effort to prevent loss of potential income or to standardize sales and or service, that they have cut out the bargain shopper and sent us off to hunt elsewhere.  

     There was a time when you could buy a winter coat or a sweater in Florida in February at a Wal Mart, Sears or Target, but no more.  One spring, we went camping only to be caught under a quickly moving cold front.  One son went to the nearest Wal Mart he could to find warmer clothes for his girls than he had brought for the weekend.  He had a choice of little dresses with tiny sweaters for church or a boys' suit.  They were the best dressed girls in the woods that weekend! There were no left overs from fall or winter.  It all just got packed off to a warehouse or a discount depot or something.  Please do not try to buy a bathing suit at one of these places in November.  You are not allowed to enjoy the winter warmth in Florida at a discount price.

     It is true that Christmas is coming sooner every year.  Even though Christmas is a fixed date on the calendar, the trappings of the festival show up on shelves sooner every year.  That is great if you need a lot of shiny plaid bows or lavender glitter bits and baubles.  I don't.  

     If you have a favorite shop that offers you well made, fairly priced goods, you must be careful to watch their seasons changing like a hawk.  If you miss the time of discount before goods disappear, you have to go to a specialty store.  This is the reason for suggesting Fabric stores to buy fabric and the internet to enhance your ability to buy year round.  

    I have mentioned Big Lots as a source for discounts, but they too are resetting their shelves and offering shorter shelf clearing discount sales at the end of season.  

      Your best weapon in the hunt for seasonal sales is to put good use those prepping skills you are trying to build.  Get a plan.  Make a list of things you buy regularly.  Make a list of things that might be needed this year like tires or a new washer, a mattress or box springs.  Then make a list of the things you want, like new Easter baskets, trinkets for the tree, Halloween, other decor, or maybe you want a piano.  Review your budget.   Question your motives.  Do you shop at Publix when you know it's cheaper at Save-a-Lot because you want to take home Publix shopping bags or the quality is superior?  Research your local area for store locations. Plan your trip like you were hunting.  Take your tools with you as if they were weapons.  Research local papers or store web sites for sale times.  Shop after the holiday for the baubles.  You can get next year's kids' valentines for 25% below retail after Valentines day.  Three kids time three boxes of cards equals $4 to $$12 you can put toward your tires.  Clip coupons.  Attack the shop like they were hiding the bargains from you.  Rejoice in the find as if dinner depended on it.

      For more details on what products or appliances are on sale in which month, try this site:

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