Friday, April 5, 2013

Water filters for Camping, Living and Surviving.

     Yesterday my post was for water filters like the Big Berkey and the Big Berkey itself.  Today, I'd like to offer more filters and filter outlets.

These are portable and personal filters:

Katadyn Combi Endurance Microfilter System - Black
     I have found the Katdyn brand filter online in prices ranging from $144 to $219.  Let me tell you about the one for $144.  It's the same as the higher priced site, but currently out of stock at this website I am posting here.  Let us all be patient and kind and keep them in our favorites list since this is a site for JUST filters.

     Certainly, if time is of the essence and money is not an object, there are other sites like:  Not a bad place to go, all products currently available, easy to navigate site, you can pick your price range in the search feature.  Also an easy affordable site with other brands like Camelbak and more. 

But, there is nothing stopping any of us from going direct to the maker at and

     Of the above sites, I think you will find the most, possibly the best, personal portable filters at MSR.  Msr sells tents, cookware, stoves, tents and gear for the cold weather hiker at  Should you think you will ever need to travel after the stuff hits the fan, this site is somewhere to go to look now.

 Ceramic Water Filters:

Item No: MW1 
Manufacturer: MSR
MiniWorks Portable Ceramic Filtration System
Price: $95.00
Detailed Description
The Best of the Best in Portable Water Filtration Systems. This unit is for the next time the power goes out in Cleveland or Detroit and the water from the tap is undrinkable. Or when the next earthquake, tsunami or hurricane hits. Don't wait for an "American Haiti" disaster before you invest in a life-saving tool such as this item. Truly a small investment in preparation for a time of need.

Bacteria Removing Ceramic Element for WaterWorks II and MiniWorks Handheld Filters
Price: $39.95
This site also has Gallons of info articles to click on, product made in the USA is US Marine Corps standard issue.  Offering cutaway views of their product on the home page to show you what they make from the inside out!

Portable Simple Emergency Water Filter
Item Number: W-P-4X4
Unit Price: $19.98
29 In Stock


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