Saturday, April 6, 2013

Resolutions and Resolve

              It has been 14 weeks since the year began.  
     Under the 52 weeks of prepping philosophy, we are either on track or not. 
     The idea is to set aside a pre-set amount of money and devote it to only purchasing basic prep supplies.  If you can add more than a few dollars a week tot his savings fund, then part out a portion of your prep funds and save it for a big ticket item like a solar panel or a water tank. At the end of the year even a fifteen dollar a week investment adds up to $780 of food, clothing shelter, fortification or defense.  

      Sure, there have been weeks when a bill wasn't paid on time because one of my clients bounced a check or there was that trip to the hospital twice a day, to support a family member and do our praying in person.  Maybe we over spent at a yard sale on some fun stuff and let the prepping go.  We all have moments of weakness and times when we are tested in our resolve.  
     I slipped two weeks in a row and purchased nothing for the prep closet.  I put the money aside and by, golly I would have loved have spent it on fun stuff, but fortunately, my resolve kicked in and kept me true.  I have the money.  But, after two weeks of not buying a prep item, I was unsure what to buy next.    

     I stopped to think of the ways I could spend a 'found' thirty dollars.  I could go to the store and buy a two week allotment of prep foods to make up for the two week slip.  I got out my list of weekly prep supplies which consists mostly of food stuffs to store.  I looked at the big ticket list and since I added a few items to it in February, I put the unspent two week allowance into the 'big picture' big ticket savings fund.  

     Now I am a week closer to a solar panel array I have in mind, or, two weeks closer to the water filtration backup filter sets. Either way, I am $30 closer to a goal I set back in December when I made two lists for weekly prepping.  

     Slips happen.  Life Happens, there are all sorts of bumper sticker excuses to hide behind, but resolve must take control.  Resolutions, I don't make.  Resolutions have become promises and lists of promises.   I set goals and when I slip for any reason, I resolve to continue with more focus in future.  It is easy to make new Years Resolutions and even easier to forget them or quit them. 
Resolve is defined as 
1. To make a firm decision about.
2. To cause (a person) to reach a decision.
3. To change or convert.
4. To find a solution to; solve.
5. to find an answer to
6. to make clear or understandable
7. To remove or dispel (doubts).
8. To bring to a usually successful conclusion.
    Make a list of goals to achieve and resolve to stick to a plan to obtain those goals.  Now, Friends, THAT is prepping.  

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