Thursday, April 4, 2013

Water filtering

Berkey Light
     The big name in Water filtration is Big Berkey.  There are several sizes available and a 50% off manufacturer's suggested retail price of half a dozen other products you could purchase as a prize for purchasing a unit.  The best deal on the discounted price items would be the two pack of replacement filters.  The model featured here is $231.

Ten low-cost ways to treat water | News | Engineering for 
      The Big Berkey website offers great easy to follow step by step demonstrations of how their product works.  You could literally watch the man put together the water filtration system and think to yourself, hmmmm, I could make one of those.  Well, go for it.  They also sell the filtering units so you can do just that.  There are other companies that sell filters and websites that give instructions and how to videos including science projects for kids.  If you are bent on making your own, to save a few dollars, now is the time to give it a try.  This is not a skill you want to think you have then under pressure realize you really only have theoretical knowledge and you aren't too sure if the water is safe to drink.

      For the do it yourself-er,  I suggest trying a few of the simple science projects to get yourself familiar with the kind of filtration you can expect from materials you can gather around you.  After you see how the water may still need boiling or chemical treatment before drinking, Then you could buy a well made filter and try to construct your own berkey type system.  

      I really like this site called When Technology Fails, by Matt Stein.  He has authored several books but the post on filtering and purifying water is brilliant.  His chart for disinfection and sterilization is a lot of information in an easy to grasp visualization of the facts.  Read the post, or buy the book.

     For pictures and video, try 

     My eldest took to making his own after reading  It's gonna kill him to see the videos posted online!  They made virtually the same filter only my number one did it without a pattern.  If you have the time and enjoy the process of figuring out the design on your own, do it.  If you like pictures and video, click the above sites then do it!  Just decide what kind of filtration you are going to need and meet the need now while you can.   

"mom" note:  Buy back up filters.  Several sets of back up filters.  That which you don't use you can trade with those who have none.  


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