Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Things to do with Zip Ties

I could look up and find a thousand things you can do with Zip ties, and find thousands of suggestions.  But, let's start at the beginning.  

Zip tie your zip ties together by color, size or length.
Zip tie computer cords, wifi boxes, printer cords and transformers to a peg board behind the desk or work space for the neatest workspace ever.

How to Escape from Zip Ties : ITS Tactical
However easy and available zip ties are, if you find yourself being kidnapped, this site offers tips to escape the zip tie restraint.

Keep zip ties in the emergency auto repair kit.  A windshield wiper stopped working today.  I got a call from a son on the other side of the county in a rain storm.  I let him vent for a minute then asked, "got zip ties?"  Well, yes, he did.  One well placed ziptie in place of a broken cotter pin and he was back on the road.  (still bellyaching, but on the road, again).
Zip Tie Auto Repair

I personally have a problem with a PCV Valve in my car.  The aftermarket replacement part just keeps popping off.  Zip tie!  

You can use them to keep a tag from flapping in the breeze, a hose from vibrating off its seat, to keep electrical cords or hoses from flopping all over under the hood. 

 And, apparently, you can 'stitch' your bumper back together, too, if you like the zombie car look!

Zip ties turn bike tires into bike snow tires.  

In the garden, you can construct a trellis.  Keep plants growing in the right direction, training them up the trellis by fastening a loose loop around the plant and the upright stake.  Don't choke the plant so it has room to grow.  

Use zip ties to keep tools together and hoses in order, but when the hoses no longer serve you well and the tools are defunct, use zip ties to make a garden wreath.  Or make  a wreath from all new components and give it as a gift, to be taken apart and used!  

I like these label zip ties for labeling plants in the pots.  They are good for labeling anything you are tying, but they are great in identifying plants.  

I use zip ties to train and maintain a couple of unruly wind blown Italian cypress.  Keeping the branches tight makes it easy to shape the tree when pruning.

You can't get much simpler than using old cans for plant pots.  Attach them in a decorative pattern to railings, fences or an upright trellis and now, you have a new garden spot, a compact, affordable, recycled garden spot.
And, don't forget the holiday lights.  Make your own shooting star display with zip ties.

I know there are fasteners made for downspouts, roof ridges and soffiting, fut why by many pricey differently shaped plastic hooky thingys? 

 A zip tie works everywhere.

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