Saturday, January 10, 2015

MORE Things to do with Zip Ties

Two Minute Tactical Upgrade Using Zip Ties style
Kitchen Organizer. styleKnife zip tie mod. styleThese three examples are from  They were honorably mentioned in a weekly contest for good ideas and I think they certainly deserved the mention.  Top left is a two minute tactical upgrade accomplished by adding light and securing it with zip ties.  The knife upgrade is a reminder that we are all getting older and a little zip tie on the blade makes it easier to grip and open.  Color coding also tells you what kind of blade is hidden when closed.  The last is my personal favorite.  I have purchased measuring sups and spoons in sets that are connected with a ring to keep them together.  You can create sets of similar items and hang them in less space by connecting them with a zip tie.  They are together when you want them not taking up space in a drawer.


     Stop using wire (rusting) ornament hangers.  One time, attach a zip tie loop and it's there forever.

     Create your own Pre-Wired tree by tying in the lights.  Set up the tree.  Hang the lights.  Zip them to the branches keeping the plugs in back (Use green or whatever color your tree is to make the ties and wires disappear.).  Hang the ornaments and enjoy then at the end of the season, unplug the lights, deconstruct your tree folding the branches in to the trunk.   Done.  You will have an easier time setting up next year because the lights are already there.

     For camping/hiking:  Zip tie your pants over your boots to keep them from flapping around.(If you didn't tuck and blouse them, that is!)
Zip tie sheathed knives to the outside of our travel pack.  the sheath remains when you need the knife.  Use it and return it to it's easy to get to sheath on the outside of your bag.  
Make a couple of zip tie loops on webbing or zipper pulls.  Clip on anything that has a D clip attached to it, like a flashlight or multi tool or even keep ALL your D clips hooked on a loop.
Make a snare with a zip tie loop for the foot of your prey.

Marking the length of a chain like an anchor chain?  paint will wear off.  A zip tie will last almost as long as the chain.

Keep some Zip Ties in the med kit in case you need to keep a splint in place.

Temporarily keep kids out of cabinets with zip ties.

Organize the broom closet with zip tie loops through those holes that used to be for a nail!  Hang multiple items on one hook.

Zip tie curtain rings to a thick plastic hanger and organize ties, scarves, belts, jewelry or even web gear in your closet!      

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