Sunday, September 7, 2014

Creating Storage Space from items you may already own

     I have been shifting and sorting things in the spare room.  I wondered when I came across a box of shower curtain rings, why I had an extra box.  I believe I have all I should need hanging the curtain from the rod in the bathroom, so, why, I wondered did I have an extra?    

     I know I often say one is none and two are one, meaning to always have a backup, but shower curtain rings?  Then, later I sorted the hall closet next to the bathroom and found I owned yet another box of curtain rings.  So, I either had to come up with a good use for the 'extra' rings or I had to donate them to charity before I turn into my grandmother with a case and a half of A-1 steak sauce stored in three different cabinets throughout her house.  Yikes!
     I came up with some ideas for shower curtain rings.  Then, I found some great sites with even better ideas.  Apparently, I am not the only one with extra shower curtain rings!

     Open the rings and attach them to a single heavy duty clothes hanger.
     Use the ringed hanger to sort and organize belts, ties, scarves, handbags, and bulky jewelry that doesn't fit in the standard jewelry box.
My mother came up with this next tip.  We had towel racks, long after we had a real need for them.  She folded a half inch wide piece of velvet ribbon over the arms, she whip stitched it shut around each arm and used the towel racks for a jewelry display.  Her clip on earrings were on the top arm, bracelets on the second arm and necklaces on the bottom arm.  Clip on earrings are out of style, but it still works for for the kidney wire earrings.  If you use a large needle to punch holes in the ribbon, you can affix post style earrings.  These racks are available on Ebay and ETSY, also, yard sales and brand new at your hardware store.

     These are two good ideas to organize the bulky accessories that tend to clutter up drawers or dresser tops.

     Pants hangers are great for pressed pants but you can also use them to double up on space in the closet.  They tend to hang one from the other, literally stacking your clothes.  In the space you can hang a single dress you can hang six pairs of pants.  The type of hanger, above, will allow you to hang a pair of pants folded over the bottom while using the clips to hang a matching belt and/or tie.  The type pictured here at the left allows for use as not only a pants hanger, but, a way to stack any hanging prep supply.  If you are organizing a surgery, four sheets or table covers can be hung.  If you have cammo netting that needs to be deployed quickly, take it out of it's packaging, and re fold to hang making it easy to grab and go.   The same can be done with plastic sheeting.  No time to wrestle with static and peeling layers apart in an emergency.  have it ready to use and easily stored in layers.
     Utilize your closet space better by installing expandable tension poles.  These rods shown are curtain rods and can be placed in the closet, behind your hanging street clothes to hang folded items, concealed from view.  they may be used in the space inside the windows to hang blackout curtains or insulating plastic.  Use larger rods to hang bags and heavier items as well as drapes.

     Use that bathroom shower organizer in the corner of a closet to store the easy grab weapon out of sight of children or invaders.  Use the dark empty space in the corner of closets for storing foods and other supplies.
     Attach spice racks inside closets to continue making use of empty spaces in cool dark places.  Spice racks are designed for storing small bottles and would be great for an additional med station.  Door mounted spice racks take spices out of sight while keeping them nearby.  The door mounted spice rack can give you the same out of sight remedy for every door in your home.   

     Small devices like these solve huge problems throughout the prepared home.  Use what you have, then get more !

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