Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weathering the Weather

    This afternoon's thunderstorm and yesterday's trip to the beach have gotten me charged up to type.
     We were at the beach when we saw clouds gathering in the distance.  As the weather got closer, we prepared to leave noting that over half the people there were prepared to stay with thunder in the background and lightning on the horizon.
Just another day at the beach

     Today, the weather bucked up again, as it does this time of year.  With moisture off the coast and the interior of the peninsula heating up, the two systems collide to create sudden onset thunderstorms.  People scurry to avoid cold wet water drops.  BUt, they scurry into their cars and forget how to drive.  they skid and slide home and complain about the rain.
MIR3 issues Hurricane Business Continuity checklist

     I had a manager I worked with who moved here from Wisconsin.  One morning while she was pacing back and forth, shaking in her boots, I asked what was wrong.  She asked, you don't see that?  I looked out the window.  It was raining.  I said, yes, I saw the rain and she told me how frightened she was of thunderstorms.  oops.  In the course of the conversation I asked if she had ever heard of hurricanes because this was Florida and that days' rain storm was fairly mild.  She moved.  
Safe Driving in Heavy Rain | CARCHEX Blog

     Well, this is Florida.  Stuff is green here.  It rains here.  The roads get wet, it is not always a good idea to drive in  a torrential downpour.  Soooo, get some skills.  Learn to drive in the rain.  Slow down.  Hydroplaning occurs at speeds as low as 38 mph and even sooner on bad tires.  Stay out of the ditches.  If you begin to skid, fight the urge to fight the skid and turn your wheels into it as you tap your brakes. 

Milk in a box, no refrigerator required - Detroit Stay-at-Home ...
     Stock your shelves so you don't have to go out last minute.  There is no gallon of milk worth your life.  Stock dry milk or milk that stores on the shelf, and stay indoors.  Substitute crackers for bread.  Do without the desire to run out every time you need just one thing, especially in foul weather.

     Weathering any weather requires some preps inside the home as well.  Every layer you add to your home adds a layer of protection.  Just attaching a shower curtain to a suspension rod and hanging it in the window between the glass and curtain, can add a layer of sunscreen, cold block and slow down glass shattering.  
Weather fatalities in one chart - The Washington Post

     Preparing for foul weather starts with knowing more about what to expect in the area you live, making a list of ideas or projects and then following through.  I am personally comfortable living under the threat of a hurricane watch.  I know what to expect, what to do, where to go if needed and I am ready to act.  

      I am sure, even if I have no proof, some of the fatalities from this chart could have been prevented with knowledge and preparedness.

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