Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gifts in a Cup

     First, I would like to take you by the shoulders (gently, but firmly), look you in the eye and scream...."Get yourself to a charity thrift store!  Stop buying new trinkets and make something thoughtful!  Thrift store!!  Go!"

     But, that's just me.  I was at my favorite thrift store today.  I saw a huge new collection of coffee cups, coffee mugs and what I like to call the cappuccino vat with the handle on it, those things are huge!  I thought what a great way to wrap up a gift for a grownup.  And, because I tend to think prep, what a great way to wrap up a prepper's gift this gift giving season!
the hershey's s'mores cup
gift cup.
     Sure, gift baskets are fine, but, a gift cup or a gift mug is easier to fill at a lower cost and just as good as a basket.  We have all been shopping and seen the new in the box cocoa cup gift sets.  In a huge box with a lot of raffia comes two cups, several packs of cocoa flavored or plain cocoa powder and maybe a small pack of marshmallows.  The last minute gift shelf at the pharmacy sells a single cup wrapped in cellophane and a bow with a couple packs of Swiss Miss cocoa and a peppermint stick.  So, why not prep it up a bit for a fun gift?

     Find a cup.  Try to make it fit the person you are giving it to.  If your recipient is a big coffee drinker, get a big mug.  If your recipient is a real joker, get a funny cup.  I am always seeing those joke cups with the handle on the inside or a pig at the bottom of the cup.  I saw one that had the head of a cow on the outside and the back side of the cow on the inside.  And if your recipient is a cappuccino drinker, get the fat squat cappuccino vat.

     Fill a cammo colored cup with ammo.
     Fill the hunting themed cup with a folding knife, an emergency fishing kit(hooks, stren a bobber), waterproof matches, and a small field guide for survival.  
     For the sweet girl in the family, fill the cappuccino cup with the girlie gel eye mask, moisturizing socks, a fine brand name moisturizer, a soft scrubbie sponge for the bath and maybe a couple packs of instant cappuccino mix or some bubble bath....your choice.  
     For the hand sew-er pack in some needle threaders, a pack of fine embroidery needles, some embroidery floss, some cross stitch fabric and some thimbles.  
     For the seamstress, pack white, black and clear thread spools, needles, a pair of scissors, needle threaders, thimble, a leather quilter's finger protector, 

     I put the credit for the website where the pictures of the cups came from because well, credit where credit is due and all that!  But, for cryin' out loud, get out to a charity thrift shop and pick up some gift cups.  Check them for cracks, stains, or chips.  There should be NONE!  think it over, who do I know?  What do they like?  What can I stuff it with?  
End of Year Teacher Gifts | Felt So Cute

       To finish off the cup for giving, you can use regular plastic wrap to wrap it.  Pull off about two feet of plastic wrap and lay it down on a table or counter.  Place the cup in the center.  pull up the corners toward the center of the cup.  Gather all the plastic wrap together and secure it with a saved bread tie, zip tie or tape.  Cut the edges all even and put a ribbon bow over the gathered tie.

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