Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fire, Fire, Get the Fire started.

     Obtaining lighter to quick start your winter fire is easy.  You know in your heart, if it's something you want, Amazon is selling it!  But, you can obtain it yourself and store for use when needed. 

Product Details

Fatwood Firestarter 9951 

1.25 Cubic Feet Fatwood 

for Fireplace in Bulk Box, 


     Lighter or "easy light", also called "grease wood", "fatwood" or "heart pine" occurs when a pine tree is cut, knocked over, struck by lightning or in some way damaged above the roots.  The roots continue to send resins up to the wounded area of the tree that has been broken off. That resin contains highly flammable turpens.   
     A simple walk in a pine forest could net you a supply of pitch.  If you find a stump, it's as easy as putting a knife into the heart and scraping out the resin.  Caution:  It's Gooey! Sticky, Gooey!

     You could also plan ahead for pitch by taking the wood for your fire in stages.   Cut branches and leave the pitch to leech out for later harvesting.  Later, cut the pine trunk leaving the stump and mark it for your return for further pitch harvesting.  

     If using the fire for cooking, please allow all the resin to burn off before grilling or exposing food to the flames.
     You can make your own fire starter sticks by cutting curls in a shard of lighter.  You can also make dryer lint and candle wax starters or use wood scraps and sawdust held together with the melted ends of old candles.  

DIY Pinecone Fire Starter | POPSUGAR Smart Living
Another method for fast starting the indoor fireplace is to gather pine cones from the ground.  The pine cone is already easy to light but you can make it light faster without having to blow on it or fan the flame by dipping the pine cone in scented or non scented wax. 
     Those left over candle stubs com in to play here.  Use materials you have on hand.  But, stop by this blog that shows a step by step dip and dry method in pictures.

     Now you have your source of pitch, your starter sticks and waxed pine cones, you also have a source for the multi useful pine pitch for everyday use.  

     Pitch was used to waterproof boats throughout the history of man.  It is also the stuff of medieval warfare legend.  I have another post titled Pine Sap and it's uses you might like, but today I'm thinking Fire, Fire, Get the Fire started!