Thursday, November 20, 2014

More gift baskets for the Prepper
Seed Baskets: 
Gather a selection of non hybrid seeds from your collection.  Label them, best by hand, and put in a basket.  

This gift allows your prepper to share in the bounty of your garden and to help spread the wealth of heritage seeds.

Add a few garden tools to bulk it up!
Make it an all around garden starter kit.

Tip:  If you are using seeds from your personal collection, make sure to package them in brown paper bags or letter envelopes.  Do not vacuum seal them.
If you really LIKE the recipient, add some of the fruits of the garden to the basket like some preserved fruits or vegetables!
I like the example above.  The one in the brown box just screams to the crafter in me.  Use a shoe or boot box instead of a basket.  If you have the joy of children at home, let them decorate the box.  This is not only a craft time for them during the long winter break from school, but a sweet part of the gift, when the box is reused to store ornaments or other items.  

To trim the size of your gift and the costs, use a nice coffee mug as the gift basket.  It makes a small In order to put together a great gift basket when you don't garden.....Trade a gardener for seeds.  Maybe you make soap and everyone you know has soap.  Find a gardener, or prep farmer and trade your soap for some of their seeds or preserves to make a garden gift basket.
The example on the left ( I found on pinterest) is an indoor herb garden.  Who knew you could do your Christmas shopping at the Home and Garden Store?  You can.  For the home cook, an indoor herb garden might be fun.  Purchase a seed starter kit  or put one together yourself.  Purchase the coconut seed starter pellets or cups, a bag of potting soil and seeds.  With a red bow, it's a Christmas gift.  With a pastel bow, it's a birthday gift.  

Make a gift basket with The things you do or the things you make.  If you are a candle maker, make a candle basket or a basket of raw supplies with hand written instructions for your prepper to learn a new skill.  If you do a lot of sewing, make sewing kits in several sizes.
For an example, make your own emergency mending kit.  Take a piece of card stock and wrap it with a selection of camouflage colors.  Pierce the stock with two good hand needles and maybe stitch a couple buttons on the card.  Add a pair of small scissors and place it all in a zipper bag with a bow.  You can get a lot in an altoids can.

Remember, a gift basket doesn't have to be a basket.   A gift basket can be a candy tin, a Mason jar, a shoe box, a recycled jewelry gift box. a coffee cup, a toilet paper roll, or even a rolled up magazine.  Roll up a catalog from a preppers store like Major Surplus or Emergency Essentials and stuff it with the gift item (seeds, ammo, supplies).  If you have the extra, add a gift certificate.  

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