Friday, November 28, 2014

There are baskets and gifts everywhere.
     Look around your home.  There are baskets and gifts everywhere.  Why wait until after the funeral for the will to be read?  Give the kids the inheritance now while you can all still enjoy it together.  Box up the china tea set they have loved since childhood. Fill the cups with a selection of different teas.  wrap liek the one here or box it up and add a bow.
     If you have tea cups that have no sentimentality attached, make them into a bird feeder for the gardener.  This is an easy craft.  this blog offers instructions.

     Share some of those salt and pepper shakers you got from your grandmother.  For your prepper, you might want to give a bag of salt and a big box of pepper with the shakers.  You can jump start someone's collection and free up some shelf space while giving a gift that reminds the receiver of someone past.   A gift that gives more than it's contents is more than a gift.  

     Maybe you have some large apothecary bottles filled with colored water.  Empty them, wash them and fill them with peppermint hard candies or butterscotch or even M& Ms. tape the lid on securely and add a bow.  It's a gift "basket".  No wrapping needed.  

I found two of these stackable aluminum 'lunch boxes' at different yard sales for no more than a dollar.  You can get them online on Ebay or Etsy or this site to the right.  Gift baskets don't have to be wicker or even a true basket.  Imagine receiving a gift stacked in one of these containers.   You can use them to make an emergency med kit or a sewing kit to go.  Maybe you plan to do some massive baking.  Stack the containers full of goodies and add a bow.  Get the kids in on the fun and use up some of the stash of stickers you may have, letting them decorate the gift container.  

     Clear out your craft room.  Bag up some of those opened packages.  If you are a crafter, you know the ones I mean.  You bought a pack of 200 sequins because they only come in packs of two hundred and you used around fifty.  Put the remainder in these little zippered baggies and give them to a friend.  Make several packs in similar colors or at least enough to create n ornament.  Maybe you can type up instructions and give enough pieces parts to make an ornament or other project.  Give home made craft kits as you thin your excess.  


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