Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift basket for the prepper

You can fill a bucket or a basket with under $20 of items and make a prepper happy, happy, happy, this holiday gift giving season.

Make a first aid basket with gauze(several sizes), band-aids, peroxide, alcohol, swabs, anti-itch cream, triple antibiotic cream, a knee brace, ankle brace, wrist brace, ace bandage, hot/cold pack, adhesive tape, aspirin, acetaminophen, eye drops, ear drops, saline solution, burn relief spray,.  That's 19 items and a basket!

Make a light up the night basket.  Fill a basket with glow sticks, flashlights (regular and led), batteries, matches, butane lighter pack, road flares, reflectors, and a mirror.  Suggest the shredded paper that pads the basket is a firestarter!

A personal hygiene basket could contain: antibacterial soap, body wash (unscented), compacted hand towels, baby wipes (unscented), razors, a shave cream, antifungal foot cream, body powder (medicated and unscented), a mirror, comb or brush, toothpaste and toothbrush, and an unscented deodorant.

A camp kitchen basket can hold metal measuring cups and spoons, waterproof matches,  fire starters, eating utensils (metal reusable), a knife with a smooth and serrated edge, a mess kit with cup cook pot and pan.

Get creative.  The basket can be part of the gift!  Pack the camp kitchen gifts in a cook pot, tape the lid shut, add a bow and a tag.

Pack the first aid supplies in a toolbox that can become the med kit.  Paint a metal box red like these and fill it with the goodies.

I bought a creel at a yard sale.  It sits in the back of my car under and behind the housekeeper's business supplies.  It holds tackle and two compact folding fishing poles.  You could do the same for your prepper.  Get a good sized bait bucket and fill it with tackle, pliers, a roll of stren in several weights, hooks, and a compact folding fishing pole.  It's a gift basket that is a gift in itself.  But, then, because I like a twist....Fill a tackle box with all the things that make a sewing kit.


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