Monday, December 2, 2013

Things to Make from Wood in the Woodpile

In the continuing series of things to make for the gift giving season, today, I bring you things you can make from what you have in the wood pile.

Take a branch (or several in different sizes) and cut discs to make: 

A set of coasters.  
Cut a disc of felt and glue it to the bottom of each with waterproof glue.  Stack four to a set and tie with twine in a bow.  

     Also, just so you know...Most auto parts stores sell rolls of cork to make gaskets.  The thin stuff is 12" x 24-36" and makes a nice backing for coasters or any vase or item that you don't want scratching your furniture.  It is also priced less than half for the same material at the craft store.  It cuts with scissors and glues with any glue. 

Make a set of house numbers.  
     Burn numbers of the home of the gift recipient in the discs.  Overlap the discs, glue the discs with some wood glue and tap in a small brad to hold them until the glue dries.  Add a sawtooth picture hanger to the back.

Make a 'WELCOME' sign the same way. 
      Just burn in the letters for welcome, add two eye screws to the top and hang from twine.
Make a rustic holiday wreath. 
      Overlap discs and form a circle.  Using wood glue, glue the discs at the intersections.  Tap in a brad to hold until dry.  Add twine for a hanger.  This lovely wreath sample is available on for $40.  Make your own! 

     This wreath, is built up on a form with discs made from small branches from pruning.

Make ornaments for your tree.  
     Use a non-toxic paint and when the season is over, save one as a sample and use the rest in the fireplace!  That gives you good reason to make more next year!

     Cut a photo in a circle, glue to a disc.  Drill hole in disc and string twine through the hole to make the hanger, for a rustic photo frame ornament.

     Print the words you wish to express.  Drill two holes use scrap wire or copper wire or even broken jewelry chains as a hanger.

    If you are not artistic and you cannot draw anything, then don't.  Use paper cutouts from magazines or old Christmas cards to glue on the face of a disc to make an ornament.
     Take an outdated framed mirror, Sand the frame to knock off the shiny finish.  Glue wood discs until you can no longer see the frame.  It makes a stunning statement.

     You can do the same with any wooden frame for photos.  This is not exactly re-gifting, but it is close! 

     Wood discs re surface and repurpose items into new fashionable merchandise.  This single mirrored frame is valued at $395. can make your own.

Moving up to the logs, I have posted Things You Can Make From A Tree Stump.  But these next ideas are for logs the size of a god burning branch, not a stump!

Candle holder centerpiece.
     Drill holes in log, add candle or candles. 

To avoid craft fail:

Plan ahead.  Place discs where you want them before gluing.
Take your time.  

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