Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Paracord Craft

Large Buckle, 4pk
     I found a great instruction for the Paracord Bracelet.  I have some of these side release buckles.  I have one for every one that occurs on every backpack or rucksack I own and I have extras, too.  I thought I could teach my grandson a new skill by teaching him to make the paracord survival bracelet and without his knowing, he would learn knots and measuring and patience and finishing a project and having something nice to give or keep.  I know the bracelets can be purchased from Walmart for $5, but that won't teach him anything.     

     So, here is the link to the easy to follow instructions with links to videos if you need them.

     Building on this basic skill, you could step up to a paracord survival belt.  To make a paracord belt, just make a waist length bracelet!  You just measure the length of the belt for the base and use about 70 feet of cord. 
Picture of How to make a Paracord Rescue Belt

    There's more than one pattern out there.  I like this one and I will try it on my own before engaging the child.  If it isn't 'doable', there's no sense frustrating him.

paracord sling
     My grandson has long admired a key fob his cousin made for me about thirteen years ago.  Once he makes a bracelet, I will teach him the key fob and maybe he will ask for more.  You don't know, it could happen!Once you get the basics of the paracord and macrame, or knot tying skills, down maybe you would like to branch out to other projects,too.

Add a watch, compass, or both.  Or maybe some beads! 

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