Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clever design

     Our family attends the ultimate fun convention.  We do Megacon, a convention for sci-fi, comics, anime and all around fun alternative living and cosplay.   When we go, we see some pretty creative uses for ordinary items.  It isn't exactly prep, but I will be using it as a stepping stone tonight!  

     This year, the costumes we will wear will be a mix of gaming heroes and steampunk ladies.  I have been looking for a few ideas for gadgets for the ladies, not too heavy, not too complicated when I came across a butane lighter "gun" instruct able.  It is made with a complicated cutting, bending and shaping of a brass plate into a holder with a coat hanger as a pistol grip.  Cute.  Also, very clever, but you know I am not going to all that trouble when I know I can use a lipstick holder or vintage lighter holder from a thrift store as the base piece!

     It just got me thinking that almost anywhere you go, you can find some clever person designing new uses for everyday objects.  These inspirational designs can get you started on a road of your own.  So, we went from Megacon, to steampunk butane ladies 'plasma' gun to isn't that a clever little personal defense weapon that looks harmless and fashionable?  

    Speaking of harmless and fashionable.  I am teaching my grand daughters to have some jewelry about their person, not too flashy, but of precious metal, should cash become futile.  I used to have a collection of "poison" rings when I was a teen.  Now I only have two.  I know they were originally for secreting poison to do away with the king.  They are great to tuck away an aspirin in.  If you need to carry a glycerin tab with you, this is real handy.  It is also fashionable and they are not hard to find in men's styles, too.  

     This was a fun road to go down.  It also got me thinking about things and how you can use a few simple items to go from a harmless clothespin to a good and proper stinging clothespin rifle.  You could keep it simple like my sons did, just make it as a toy for a gift or an afternoon of stinging fun target practice!  Or, you could learn the basics of handgun technology.

     Looking around your life and learning how things go together is good for you.  The mind needs exercise.  The spirit needs a break from the fear factor of preparing for the of end of days.  Look how things are made.  Learn how to make them when there is no one else to produce goods.  Redesign them for fun or for better use in self defense.  Take a break and create something of your own. 


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