Wednesday, May 29, 2013

52 Weeks of Prep minus 21 so far

     At the beginning of the new year, I posted a proposal that would make prepping easier, financially.  The theory is that is you pay the prep fund first, a consistent amount, that soon the funds grow and you can buy the things you cannot make or acquire through work.  You could spend this money weekly or monthly, as long as you only spent it on prep goods.

     My personal number is $15.  $15 times the twenty one weeks of this year adds up to $315.  Now, that sounds like a LOT of money to put in a pantry for food you are not going to eat for at least a year.  It is.  $315 represents approximately 75 lbs of rice, 50 lbs of beans( red beans, pinto beans and navy beans as well as lentils), 10 lbs of salt and two pounds of pepper, a #10 can of butter beads, two #10 cans of potato buds, a #10 cans of dehydrated beef, three one pound cans of ham, 30 packets of dehydrated soup, 15 lbs of sugar, 10 lbs of honey, three lbs of coffee and five pounds of tea, 30 one dollar items from the dollar store first aid department (band-aids, cough syrup, Tylenol,iodine, triple antibiotic cream, icy hot, a thermometer, etc.), a water filter kit that fits into a gallon water bottle, flashlights and batteries, and three one gallon  water bottles.  I spent every penny and packed it well with dates on the items, in the ledger and in the storage containers.  

     I am mostly prepping for myself alone in this formula for the purpose of proving my point in these posts.  I know I need more and I need more of the same.  I also know that before this list started I already had vegetables, vitamins, and more of the same listed above.  The point is....this is a lot of money and a lot of stuff for one person.  It is not enough to keep a person alive and nourished for a year, but the year isn't over and I am not finished.  

     I still have work to do refining the method of packing the supplies.  I originally packed as I purchased.   At first, I thought I can get to everything or get to it and move everything whenever I needed.  That was a foolish thought.  

     I have since realized, in a push comes to shove scenario, I need to be able to grab a container and know there is enough to survive on it's contents as a unit.  Then if I am safely able to move another, that is a container for a week's goods and so on.  If for some reason I have to stop packing, or moving and really get out....I would not be stuck with a container of rice and beans and no first aid supplies or vice versa.   

     Fifty two weeks will come and go, twenty one have already passed.  A lot could have been done.  A lot more needs doing.  If you haven't started, get started.  If you have....keep up the good work.  Every week puts you closer to survival.

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