Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chicken Coops

     Son number two bought some chickens.  He got them in the winter and didn't really expect them to survive the sudden cold snaps and the noise in the dog room.  He breeds miniature dachshunds and they can get silly loud when no one is home.  Even though he had the chicks under a heat lamp, life is a gamble so he played it all down.  They were not purchased as pets so, no getting attached.

     The day came that he had to move them out of the house.  A coop had to be built.  HE is very handy and crafty.  He had recently had a job that required he un-build a pergola.  So, he inherited a lot of good wood.  The coop went up.  But, no coop can be had at that address that is not painted when done.  A painter always has paint.  Then the wifey got him a cute sign and "coop de ville" was a real thing.  

     The wifey has an in-law with a hardware store that sells chicken coops for backyards in kits.  He had a hard time selling them because no one who wants four or five chickens wants to build.a miniature house.  So, sonny boy made a coop out of the left overs and set it up for sale in the parking lot.  It hardly landed and it sold.  He can build more and install them and has done.  His in with the customers is, as a painter, he can match the house color for the homeowner.  

     Meanwhile, son number one doesn't have the same agricultural code at his house so he bought some chickens to house at his brother's.  They too needed a home and as long as they were small, so was there house.  Now, the coop has grown to the maximum they feel the neighbors will tolerate in the brother's neighborhood.  

     Should there come a time when the neighbors and code enforcement don't matter anymore, there may be further additions. 
      Until then, if you need a coop for a couple of chickens, here are some examples of easy to build starter coops and the sites where you can get extra instructions or plans.

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