Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mini Greenhouses

     Today, I am in the mood to talk about the garden, again.  Yes, again!  In the world of prepping there are the all sorts.  There are the gun preppers, the bulk buy preppers, the retreat preppers, the turn your yard into a farm preppers and more.  Don't forget the zombie apocalypse preppers who plan to shoot the infected and steal the leftover survival gear!
     This blog wishes to post for the "I can't afford to go out there and buy the moon preppers!"  I also want to encourage broadening your horizon for a prepped life and live a better fortified life as a lifestyle more than a hobby.

      Most preppers forced to live in town to keep their jobs while they can, dream of the retreat in the hills.  I feel you.  I too must work to live.  But, I survive my life by practicing my prep principles and maintaining an ultimate bug out plan.  I have already learned to blend my little yard garden in with the flowers so the neighborhood yard guards just see flowers.  I have begun to harvest from the tomatoes and the beans.  Then two days ago, on the way up the drive, I plucked a couple of tomatoes and thought, "I need to replant, soon."  I will miss these little red jewels when they are gone, unless, I replant soon.
     I have some seeds started and the little plants are just a bit too tender to set out on their own.  I use these inverted water bottles as miniature greenhouses.  They protect the plants.

    They are great against the wind, and help me to regulate the amount of water the plants get.  Our afternoon rains can be very harsh, so, the little bottles are also little umbrellas.  When the plants are strong enough, I take the lids off.  They get air and water, but not the full force of the elements.  After a few more weeks, I take off the bottle and cut it in half.  I replace the ring at the bottom of the plant as a weed barrier.
I like my system but, as I was surfing the net, I saw some interesting twists on the same principle.  

     THEN, just for fun, I found other things you can do with those plastic bottles. 

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