Friday, May 10, 2013

Poultry Feed

Poultry feed

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Poultry feed is food for farm poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese and 
other domestic birds. Feed for poultry mostly consists of grain.[1] A portion of 
commercial feed, typically around a quarter, is known as bulk and is indigestible. 
The amount of bulk is referred to as bulk density.[2] The quantity of feed, and 
the nutritional requirements of the feed, depend on the weight and the age of 
the poultry as well as the season.[3] Healthy poultry require a sufficient amount 
of protein and carbohydrates, along with the necessary vitamins, dietary minerals
and an adequate supply of water.[4] Certain diets also require the use of grit
tiny rocks such as pieces of granite, in the feed. Grit aids in digestion by grinding
 food as it passes through the gizzard.[5][4][3] Grit is not needed if commercial
 feed is used.[5]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,.  You can look it up but before you buy chickens, do homework. 
Go to blogs.  Read the ingredients in feed.  Ask people you know about the setbacks 
Ask them about hawks.  Ask about the use of roosters and the pros and cons of 
feed for eggs without roosters.  Decide if you are going big time, or going organic.
(I vote organic, even though I have no say in your house).  Go organic.  Get a rooster.
You have homework to do, I am here to show you the way and shine a light on the path.
You may protest and ask what does this have to do with Hurricane preparedness?  Well, nothing. 
Chickens are for life style preppers.  Chickens are for fresh eggs for people who want to ensure 
that they always have chickens and eggs.  Get ready for a storm, but know that some people are 
getting ready for an economic storm or worse.  They are becoming self sufficient.  
Also, Blogspot is going stupid tonight so the posts are not loading as they are actually meant to look.  
I swear I have spacing and pictures, but, oh no!
Glitches happen.
If they continue to happen, this blog will move to Wordpress.  

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