Friday, May 10, 2013

Acquiring a chicken coop

<em>Chicken Coop</em>: New Age Pet Fontana <em>Chicken</em> PenLast night, I posted my son's chicken coop as a work in progress that keeps expanding.  Tonight, I want to post some other outlets to acquire a home for your birds.

  Chicken Coop: New Age Pet Fontana Chicken Pen
New Age Pet Features: -Fontana chicken pen. -Frame made from ecoFLEX, an eco composite resistant to moist, warp, crack, split. -Long lasting ...$129


Product ImageWare Manufacturing Inc. 01463 Premium Chick N Lodge Chicken Coop

$480 online  Features: -Premium+ chick-n-lodge.-Quality materials.-Easy access makes care safe and easy.-Designed to assemble with only a screwdriver. Specifications: -3 removable roosts, lift-out floor panels, attachable access ramp, covered screened porch and convenient storage 

These are two of the ready to use coops I have found online.  

     If you know a carpenter or have basic skills, you could have a coop for the cost of the supplies.  Do some research by Googling 'chicken coops' and clicking on images.  

     You can see that the basic skill required is building a rectangular frame and connecting it to another rectangular frame then sheathing the open area with chicken or page wire.
   If you are on your own property and have no close neigh-bors,you can get fancy as you please.  I like the backyard coop with the wheels on it for the simplicity of moving the few permitted birds to a new place in the yard while the last grass patch recovers.  

     If 'simple' isn't the way you do things, you can repurpose that play yard the kids don't use anymore into the biggest best coop in the county!

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