Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The tools you have, by D

     Today I want to share with you some of the moments I have enjoyed reading this blog my son posts at  He doesn't post daily but when he does post, it's a hoot.  I have cut out the rants.  They can also be a fun ride.  If you enjoy that sort of thing, go to his blog.  But, for today here is a taste of a future author to this blog.  Enjoy Tools and nuts!  

The tools you have.

    So this is an odd picture. The point is that I needed something today and did not have it. I needed a power washer. I have one here, but my brother wants it back. So I had some extra items. I have a power washer with a bad carburetor. I have a power washer that does not get spark to the wire. I also had a sprayer with a bad pump unit. So now I have a complete unit that power washes ill have a machine that needs a carb, but that is for a later date.
      My point is that in a crunch you will have to use what you know to get things done. I needed allen wrenches and sockets and combination wrenches and other tools that I had to make so I could get this machine up and running. The most valuable tool I used today was the one connected to my shoulders. Did I have to cut off bolts with a grinder? Yes. Could I have done this without the use of power tools? Probably. I got it completed regardless, and accomplished my goal.

Go screw yourself! and leave those nuts alone

   This weekend was an ultra-busy one for us. As I skipped out of work and Lynnette was off, we found our way to the Harbor Freight in Apopka. We were obviously in search of prepping supplies. Now that I have brain washed her into helping me prep, she agreed. I wanted a solar panel, but found something that needed my attention even more. Big Nuts, and bolts to go with them.
     In the post apocalyptic world that will exist in the United States if our current fuhrer gets re-elected, we will have limited access to extra parts and supplies. If the truck breaks down we will be screwed. Also screws and bolts will be an easy way to assemble make shift solar ovens or the like. Nails would also be a great idea to stock pile. I purchased a few thousand bolts and matching nuts in sets in various sizes. Machine bolts and carriage bolts are next on the agenda. I can't explain how these ideas come to me, but I do not know where I would be if I could not assemble something and provide for my family because of a simple lack of equipment.
    This was my big idea.  This is obviously not as fun to prep as making jam or canning pork, but I have a feeling they will be one of the more valuable items in the inventory.
    The final thought I have for today is if you want help from me. I am a very caring person. Just so we are clear I will help anyone once, but those that poke fun at what we do with prepping are wrong in doing so.  Hopefully nothing bad ever happens. However if it does and you aren't ready then you are on your own. Because me helping you only puts those that I have prepped for in danger, and that is not gonna happen.
Oh please forgive all the puns.


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