Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend


      I was at the grocery store picking up a few perishable items.  A quick run through the store assaulted my eyes and sensibilities.  There were flags everywhere.  

     They had hang tags on them "made in China", and not made very well.  There were tables thrown out in the aisle encouraging people to buy Red, White & Blue paper plates, Styrofoam cups and paper napkins.  They were also all imported from China.  

     There was bunting and balloons and my stomach turned a bit when I saw a small group of women talking among themselves as they looked over the accessories on the tables.  They were a family of possibly illegals who assumed I flunked my high school Spanish class and forgot everything I learned living in Texas.  

     They decided to buy one of everything so they could look more American.  I felt sorry for them wasting money they didn't have to spend on frivolous junk. I was embarrassed that they thought to be more like ME, more like a native, they had to drape themselves in imported disposable God-only-knows -what-chemicals-are-in-the painted junk.

     I rarely post anything you could call political.  I don't like to provoke confrontation and I don't poke at other people's religion or politics, as a rule.  I certainly do not go out of my way to rattle the cages of people who are strange to me.  But.....My Facebook page is filling up with posts pleading with friends to remember the definition of the word Memorial.  It is NOT National BBQ Day.  I concur.  So, here, tonight, I would like to post some thought provoking art.  

Feel free to copy and post.

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