Sunday, October 6, 2013

Don't Wait till You are Told to Get Out

Don't wait until you are told to get out to get a plan to evacuate.  All over the state of Florida, there are evacuation route signs.  There are about an equal number of people who know where those routes actually go, no more!  Most people think, when it is time to go, they will pack a suitcase (don't forget the bikini because you think there is a hotel with a heated pool waiting for you, alone!), get in the car, gas up and drive to the Disney area to get a hotel room.  They are often disappointed and stressed when the rain starts while they are still in line to get gas!

If you don't know where you are going, you will never get there!  You could get into a pack of cars and follow the other sheep to their destination.  Or, you can Google Earth your route.  Get to know the landmarks and shortcuts or long cuts that are less traveled.  GPS devices are nice, but they can't see the traffic, the mood of the other drivers or the dangers ahead.  Fires and tornadoes change direction suddenly! 

Don't wait until you are ordered out of your home to prepare to leave.  Living on this planet with Mother Nature is like living with a pregnant woman!  You better have your getting to the hospital in the middle of the plan bag ready before she blows!  It doesn't matter if you are in a tornado alley, a storm corridor or surrounded by miles of dry timber during a lightning storm.  Mother Nature calls whether you are ready or not!

Gather important documents in a fire/waterproof safe.  Make a list of these documents and check them off as you obtain and file them.  Gather birth certificates, wills, passports, tax, insurance and bank papers, deeds and titles.  

If you need another safe, get it and continue to pack family jewelry, gold, silver, cash, firearms, jump drives or peripheral hard drives with scanned photos and sentimental greetings.

Gather items needed for family and pets.  Gather food, medications and clothing.  Use large plastic containers that will fit neatly in your vehicle once all family members are loaded.  

Service the evacuation vehicle regularly.  Keep the tank full or store fuel to fill up at home.  Oil changes and tire safety checks should be done days in advance of a storm warning, and regularly just as a matter of good safe living. 

Don't forget to prepare the home before driving away.  Turn off gas power and water at the meter.  Close windows, Lock the doors.  Tell someone where you are going.  Check in with family when you arrive.

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