Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wise Food Supply

     I watch the Wendy Williams Show on my afternoon off.  Don't judge.  How u doin?  Today, I caught part of the episode with Marie Osmond.  Unknown to Wendy, Marie was one of the founders of the Children's Miracle Network charity.  Not news to me.  I was homebound in my youth, we watched Donny and Marie's variety show, I knew she was being raised to be charitable and I like the way she endorsed and founded yet didn't overshadow the charity or it's recipients with a lot of 'look at me, being nice" photo ops.  You know this charity, it's the one where you mostly give a dollar and they put your name on a hot air balloon and try to cover their store inside with balloons.  

Wise Food Storage
     When Wendy brought up her charity, she told how her father cautioned her to be careful when lending her name to products or charities, then she spilled out the following:  We were raised on food storage.  (of course, she's Mormon) and I endorse this company that has been in business for four years.  It is a food supply company that charges about $1 per meal for 'just add water' meals.  Each of her children have one or two of these packets in their backpack, for emergencies.  Because, you never know.   She plugged the Wise Food Supply company!

Emergency Food Supply Kits

Essential Survival Kit

2 week Essential Survival
 product and food kit for 
1 person or 1 week
for 2 people. This item can 
take up to 4 weeks for delivery. 
Regular Price:$179.00
Special Price:$169.99
     Welllllll, who knew Marie was a prepper?  We knew she was a Mormon, but it appears she is a practicing Mormon.  As preppers go, that's a good thing.  They do not, however, plan to protect themselves beyond their front door and they also bear the burden of the 'modern' Mormon who goes to church but doesn't take it home with them.  The dreaded family members who know they should have two years' supply of food, but have none and will knock on the door in a SHTF situation looking to be taken in without judgement.  Lucky them, I would judge, loudly. 


2 week essential survival kit and food kit for 1 person or 1 week for 2 people.
Each kit includes the following:
  • Packages of Pocket Tissue (6)4-in-1 Dynamo Flashlight (6)
  • Deck of Playing Cards (1)Water Proof Matches (50)Waste Bags (2)
  • Note Pad (1)Golf Pencil (1)
  • Mylar Sleeping Bags (2)Leather Palm Work Gloves (1)
  • 36 Piece Bandage Kit (1)Water Filtration Bottle (1)
  • Portable Stove (1)Stove Fuel Tablets (16)Metal Fork (1)Knife and Spoon (1)Sierra Cup (1)
  • Wise Emergency Food Supply (44 Servings) including:
  • Savory Stroganoff
  • Chili Macaroni
  • Creamy a la King and Rice
  • Pasta Alfredo
  • Creamy Pasta and Veg Rotini
  • Teriyaki and Rice
  • Creamy Tomato Basil Soup
  • Hearty Tortilla Soup
  • Apple Cinnamon Cereal
  • Brown Sugar and Maple Cereal
  • Crunchy Granola
So, this is the two week kit for one that includes first aid kit, and portable stove and, more.  This is a good starter kit or a place to start looking.  If you are thinking beginning prep, this list of supplies is not a bad one.  Add WATER!  and water filtration and you could be in a good place to start.  The food packs are sold separately and in buckets.  

Long Term Food Supply
Now, if you have read this blog, you know I like buckets.  They pack their bulk foods in rectangular stackable bins with handles on them.. I love this.

They pack their foods in mylar bags to save space and weight in storage.  They have eliminated the #10 cans.    

Camping Stove
Regular Price:$34.95
Special Price:$29.95
If you look into nothing else at this site, look at this closely.  Click on the learn more button. to see the details of the stove and what it can cook for you.

The holidays are coming and this might meet your price and gift needs, I like it.
Stove Fuel Disk 6 Pack

Stove Fuel Disk 6 Pack

Additional solid fuel discs for the our Stove in a can.
Availability: In stock
Regular Price:$29.99
Special Price:$22.99

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