Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ingenuity! build a better mousetrap!

     There is 'this guy, who...' !  Everyone knows 'a guy, who...'.  It doesn't matter if it is your local homeless guy or the handy guy or the funny guy, everyone knows 'a guy, who'!

     I have a homeless guy who will guard my car like a rottweiler on steroids for a dollar.  Do NOT try to break into my car at the Big Lots shopping center because I have a homeless guy, who earns his dollar!  

     There is a guy down the road who lost his license for drinking and driving and also lost his job.  His wife went to work and he stays home to watch their little girls.  I do not condone any part of the drinking and driving, but this guy has truly redeemed himself.  He raises those girls like no day care ever could.  I see them all the time, girls riding in the carrier behind their dad who gets them to school on time, treats them to slurpees at the 7-11 on a hot summer night and talks to them like he is reading a really good story from the kiddie shelf at the library.  

     Today, this guy parked his bike at the corner store on his way to pick up his youngest from her half-day kindergarten class.  Look what he did to his bike!  

     I had to ask how fast does it go?  He said, "Faster than I want it to go, sometimes!  It'll hit 55."  Then he offered, "Now that I got my license back, I don't need a car but I think I need better brakes!"  For real!  He wanted to go faster but he didn't want to buy a car, insurance, a tag, etc.  I had to tell him go get your driver's manual, you might need all that for a five horsepower motor, I don't know for sure.  Then he agreed he would put a governor on it to slow it down.

     I am posting this because I want to show what you can do when you want to go faster than a bike but can't afford a car.  It is a view of ingenuity.  If you don't have something, you can make it.  He explained all the parts came from scrap in his yard or Harbor Freight.  The motor is Harbor Freight  the stand is a sheet of aluminum from the bottom of an old tool box, part of the frame, he cut from a bunk bed rail.  
How I gave my motor gears.
     Sure, there are kits available, but why not build from a lawn mower with a bad transmission or buy the major parts and learn how to bolt them upright to make it go.  If you have a need, find a way to make it come to life.  I know this guy....and he did! 

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