Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Prep Tips For Halloween

     With Halloween coming this week, I had a chance to talk to one of my grandson's about costumes and getting ready.  Preppers don't wait till the last minute for anything.  We know the days on the calendar and we know ahead of time what we need to do to get ready.  Just in case you are new to this concept of being prepared or are looking for some inexpensive tips on pulling off the holiday fun without dipping into the prep are some tips, just for fun.

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     My 11 year old grandson is going trick or treating with a friend.  His friend is going as a zombie and our little guy is the zombie hunter.  This is a great way to get our guy accustomed to wearing his gear.  We have a set of black fatigues he wore when he was a member of the Stargate Icarus Team.  All we had to do was add some patches to fatigues we have for him as we have fatigues for everyone in the family.  The year before, he went to Megacon with us dressed as a member of the SG-1 team.  For his zombie hunter gear, he only needed to switch a few pieces, and load his vest with plastic axes. This idea was all his and it beats the heck out of spending $60 for a cheap zombie hunter costume he will wear only once.  

 for Men - 57425     I liked the idea because he is using his survival gear in an everyday way.  If he ever needs to load up with ammo and go, he is already accustomed to the idea, the weight and the fit.  He is not afraid of the gear in the closet.  He knows it is there and it is there for his use.  If you want to take the fear of gear and prepping out of your trick or treat-er, let them wear it now while they know they are safe, parents are right there and there is no stuff hitting the fan.

   This costume of an 'army officer' is available from costumes4less for around $26.  It is ALL polyester.  That same cheap stretchy, clingy fabric they make princess dresses out of and the boots are not included.  For around $15 you can get the real deal cammo blouse and pants from a thrift store and still have $9 for a pair of discount sneakers.  If you can't sew, buy the best in fabric and quality.  

     Buying from a thrift store means you are keeping people employed, helping their charity and spending less $$ for better quality.  I get that you may have a princess who needs a fancy dress.  Thrift stores are putting out their costume collections and they have a vast selection of gowns and dress up clothes.  Putting together an outfit is better than buying cheap and wasting the time money and memories.
     Another place to look for costuming is the local party store.  The party hats, and accessories can turn a t-shirt and jeans into a pirate or a farmer or many other costume ideas.  

     I swear to you there is a photograph of my youngest son with a branch from an artificial Christmas tree, some tinsel and one single ornament hanging from it perched on his little head.  The Christmas tree skirt was around his neck.  He raked in tons of candy just for the cute factor.  The picture will not be posted here as he extracted a promise from me Long ago.  Still. It happened. 
    So, take a break from trying to survive the economy, the end of the world preps, the launching of the health website, the news of crime and danger are some home made costumes that you might enjoy 

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