Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Personal Organizer/Purse Liner

     I have a great handbag.  It's a Sag Harbor brown suede bag I bought at a thrift store shortly after I bought my first tablet.  I needed a bag To carry the tablet with me.  I decided this was the one because it had a center zippered pocket with credit card slots, a place for my driver's license and four interior pockets.  The slotted center allowed me to stop using a wallet, giving me more room for stuff.  I have used it every day for about a year and a half. I don't know what the original owner paid for it, but I feel I have gotten my $4.94 plus tax out of it.  

How to Make Your Handbag Last Longer
     Recently, I have seen several versions of the interior handbag organizer at yard sales.  I am going to buy one next time I see it.  I think it will make for a great bug out bag for an office worker.  You can get more into a bag if it is organized and what say you to a planned handbag?  I say, Great!  This featured, lined bag has room for a flashlight, a first aid kit and some other items, like a multi tool or a stun gun.  

     If you don't want to carry your bug out liner with you at all times, you could prep a liner and keep it in the desk at work.  In a sudden emergency, open a drawer, dump the purse of it's contents of papers, receipts, and other clutter, then pop in the bug out liner, grab your comfortable shoes and go.  

There are several popular designs available.  www.studiokatdesigns.com

      I am always looking for a good way to organize the G.O.O.D. bag and this is pretty god.  Two purposes are served here. If your bag is big enough and you have organized all you can, all you concern yourself with is the weight.  You don't need to carry an extra six to eight pounds on your shoulders everyday.  The purse liner solves the weight issue.  Keep it nearby for ease of access when it's time to go.  A purse liner in a desk drawer or in the boot of the car can be your way out.  

     I also have a back of the seat car organizer with a number of items in it specifically to add to my survivability when I am in the driver's seat.  These also come in a number of styles.  some are soft side, some well structured on a frame.  You could also make a back of the seat organizer with patch pockets from old jeans, or scrap fabric.  Be careful if you are using the video organizer that you have enough of the legal tint on your windows so as to make you vehicle less attractive to the passing thief.

     Mine is simple, black, slung low and within a slight twist of the wrist, where I keep the stun gun.  It can also be a life saver when traveling anywhere.  I keep my morning vitamins, a pain relief med, first aid kit, a multi-tool, spare sunglasses and other things in there.  It's good to keep maps, mail or other things that you don't want sliding all around the back seat.  



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